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The name of Douglas Ebenstein Lawyer Partners is not a good one. It is a personal injury law firm with a questionable reputation. The company was founded by Douglas Ebenstein, a former Connecticut attorney who resigned in 1989 amid allegations of misconduct. While this is a shame, it does not mean the firm is not capable of helping people in need. The partners at Douglas A. Miro & Associates are an excellent example of how a personal injury law firm can help its clients.

Douglas Ebenstein Lawyer Partners

The firm’s attorneys are highly-experienced and knowledgeable in intellectual property and other areas of law. The attorneys represent clients in industries such as biotechnology, medical devices, toys, entertainment, and consumer electronics. They are also familiar with complex litigation involving patents. And because they specialize in this area, Douglas A. Miro is a great choice for those seeking legal representation for intellectual property issues. However, it is always best to use the services of a top IP lawyer.

The law firm has a long history and specializes in many fields. For instance, in Virginia, the firm handles trademarks and patents. The firm also practices in California. The firm has an office in Boca Raton. In the meantime, it has several other offices in Florida. There, the office is also affiliated with a firm called Amster Rothstein. And because of this, you can be assured that the lawyers are very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you with your legal needs.