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A pool fence is typically a perimeter around swimming pools, designed to make an impenetrable barrier to prevent access by small children, ducks, rodents, and other uninvited beach creatures. Swimming pool fences have to have a self-locking and self-closing gate/s to qualify for compliance to many local laws and codes. For these reasons, it’s necessary to find a fence company in Tucson, Arizona with a pool fence installation background. A good pool fencing company will have both indoor and outdoor pool fencing systems that all comply with local and state laws. A pool fencing company in Tucson will also work closely with you and your landscape architect to complete a design that blends seamlessly into your surroundings and complements your pool’s landscaping.

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Most pool fencing in Arizona is composed of vinyl, wood, chain-link or aluminum. Vinyl pool fencing is quite popular because of its low cost relative to other materials, yet it is one of the toughest pool fence options available. Vinyl pool fencing can be designed with post caps that are easily removed, allowing the fence to be re-installed if necessary. When comparing vinyl pool fencing to chain-link or aluminum fencing, the major benefit is the security provided by the thicker material. Many homeowners and landscapers prefer to use pool fencing that has a double layered finish so that not only is the pool fence made of higher quality material, but there is additional, even reinforcing layer as well.

Wood swimming pool fencing is also popular, although most homeowners do not like the way it looks. Because of this, wood swimming pool fencing is often purchased by those who want the look of elegance, yet don’t necessarily need the extra privacy and security provided by more expensive options. Vinyl wood swimming pool fencing is another popular option, although it is not nearly as tough as chain-link or aluminum fencing options. If style is an issue, you may also want to consider aluminum or steel swimming pool fencing.

One of the newest types of pool fencing is made out of clear plastic. Painted plastic pool fencing provides a classy, yet simple appeal. You can find a wrought iron, vinyl or aluminum wrought iron fences. The wrought look can be accomplished by simply painting the fence a different color, or by adding a wrought iron trim to the pool’s edge. However, many homeowners choose to go with the clear plastic due to its affordability and ability to add a decorative touch to any pool area.

Some homeowners are choosing to install solar fence panels on their swimming pool fences. These solar panels are great for pool fences because they do not need electricity to function. A solar fence panel is placed between the pool’s frame and the fence post. Because the solar panel collects energy from the sun, it is necessary to move the sunward-tinted panels along the fence during the day to ensure that they receive maximum exposure to the sun.

Pool fencing is often made of vinyl, but some fencing companies offer their customers a variety of other options as well. Wood is still one of the most popular materials for pool fencing. Wood fencing is commonly made out of cedar or redwood. Today, plywood is often used in place of wood because vinyl offers more durability and stability.

Another type of pool safety fence is made out of mesh, which is actually a mesh cloth rather than plastic. Mesh pool fencing is available in two different styles: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal mesh is more popular because it allows for a greater amount of privacy, but many pool owners choose the vertical fence because it is less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing. However, most pool safety fence manufacturers will offer fence choices in both styles.

Many pool fence manufacturers also offer glass fences. Glass pool fencing is popular because it provides a clear view of the pool even while the pool is in use. Some glass fences can be manually opened, but most of the more popular models include a remote control that opens the glass fences with the push of a button. Because glass fences are not very expensive, they are easy to install and maintain.