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There’s no question League of Legends is the queen of online gaming. With an enormous online following and a number of tournaments throughout the year, LoL continues to be one very competitive sport. However, with new players always going away and new ones coming in, maintaining up to speed with the best League of Legends players may be difficult. For those who want to become the best League of Legends player, it makes sense to learn to play League of Legends using a League coaching service. Here are a few reasons why.

top League of Legends players

LoL coaching allows you to become familiar with your playing style. In case you’ve been playing for some time but haven’t developed your own strategies, then you’ll understand what makes some players tick and what makes some players not tick at all. You can watch other top players and pick up on their habits and routines. This way, you won’t make the same mistakes that others do, and you’ll develop your own strategies as well. As a result, you’ll find yourself dominating the mid and jungle areas of the game much more easily.

A large percentage of games in LoL involve two lanes battling it out until only one team has control of the Rift. Some players prefer to play in the jungle to counter the towers and other obstacles in the middle lane, while others like to play the top lane more frequently. Knowing which positions to play at certain times will also help you gain an advantage in the game because the more successful you are early game, the less likely you are to be counterpicked by the opposing junglers or mid-laners.

One player who is consistently strong in the top lane is Kim “faker” Han-kwon. Since his dominant performance at the Mid-Season Invitational against LG Dyrus, faker has established himself as one of the best League of Legends top laners. And since LG Dyrus recently lost to Counter Logic Gaming in the Rift World Championship, it looks like they will be his enemies this coming set of matches. I think it’s safe to say that LG Dyrus will not be able to challenge the dominance of Kim “faker” Han-kwon and other League of Legends top laners.

Unicorns of Power Gaming have several very powerful players, including Lee “Doublelift “lement and Kim “Koo” Min-sik. Their synergy and comfort with one another makes them one of the most well rounded teams in the entire game. Unicorns of Power Gaming have been steadily climbing the ranks of the ladder, and they finally reached a position where they were thought to be the strongest team in the west. And even with the recent slump in their performances at Rift, it seems like Unicorns of Power Gaming can still challenge for first place at the end of the season.

In the off season, it looks like SK Telecom T1 have finally found their footing in the League of Legends scene. After not making it to the world championship, SKT T1 seems like they are on their way back to the top. This may be due to the fact that both top laner hunger Song” Zerghorn” Yi and support player Easy “XinXer” has had major changes in their playstyle. Both players have adapted more in-game to better play around the enemy team’s jungler and mid-layer. If they continue to play like this throughout the rest of the season, then SKT will definitely make it to the finals and challenge for the title.

Royal Never Give Up’s jungler Lu “Zhouq” Yang has also impressed me throughout the Rift season. His Zygor and Rylai’s builds have been extremely impressive lately, especially when he has the ability to control teams with his ult. Royal Never Gives Up seems to be able to defeat all types of opponents from top line to bottom lane, which is what they need to do if they want to challenge for another title. Royal Never Gives Up also has a superstar player in the form of Ezreal in the top lane, which has made him even more impressive during the recent Rift season.

The last team to make it to the Rift World Championship is Invictus Gaming. For the longest time, I Gaming seemed to be invincible in the League of Legends scene. However, after the departure of Longzhu (Kong) and Dyrus (Dyrus) from Immortals, I Gaming seemed to lose its strength and effectiveness. Now, with the recent acquisition of EDward “Bang” Castelle, invictus Gaming has acquired one of the best mid-liners in the game today, as well as one of the best junglers and carries in the entire league.