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In the late 80s, Norman Ebenstein – Choosing his destiny by creating Retail Management Consultants. His story and the lessons he learned have impacted retail center design and how he transformed himself and his companies. Now, in his latest book titled “Choose Your Destiny – Lessons from the Master” Norm Ebenstein discusses his life and business philosophies that have impacted his companies and helped them become one of the largest retailers in the United States.

Norman Ebenstein and choosing his destiny

Born and raised in Ohio, Norman Ebenstein was a poor boy who dropped out of high school and joined the Air Force after discharge. Upon discharge he traveled all over the world and had a variety of jobs including working on an assembly line at GM, traveling the world and living in England, Australia and New Zealand. It was on a visit back to the United States that he would decide to pursue his passion for retail management. Selecting his destiny…The first book of his series…

Follow the footsteps of Retail Management Consultant Norman Ebenstein as he takes you on a journey of building retail centers across the United States from sea to shining sea. Following the path that he has already taken you will see retail center development success unfold before your very eyes. The series focuses on retail center design, retail planning, retail sales and marketing. Through these Ebenstein’s experiences you will be able to create a retail center that will increase traffic, generate sales and attract the type of tenants and occupants that will help your business succeed.

Norman has lived a full and successful life. From beginning his retail business in the basement of a friend’s home and running it alone to multiple store fronts and numerous board memberships, retail center building success has occurred for him. He is not a millionaire but does not care about money the way many do. As a matter of fact he has no desire to own a business of any kind.

Norman’s life has been a roller coaster of success. His early days included many store closings. Running the operations day after day with little time for family and friends, retail center planning and retail store design took on a new importance. He had to make sure that all of his stores were up to his standards or risk losing customers to newer competitors. As the retail industry continued to evolve and become more sophisticated, Norman had to stay ahead of the game to have a shot at being successful.

Later in life Norman developed close relationships with some very wealthy people in the retail industry. This allowed him to gain valuable retail business experience and knowledge of how the retail industry worked. As he learned new retail store design concepts he could then apply them to other stores with less success. Norman’s ability to foresee where the retail industry was heading and choosing it accordingly has made him an important part of retail history. He is often quoted as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of all time.

The Ebensteins have also opened stores in many retail locations such as K Mart, Sam’s Club and Fleet Street. These stores have been extremely successful. Although they all have different sales models, they have all profited from the retail business model Ebenstein designed. Many of these stores have had very low start up costs and have not incurred the high operating costs that are typical of the retail industry. This allows them to offer lower prices on their products which have made them popular with customers.

So if you have been considering starting your own business or expanding your retailing business, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Norman Ebenstein and choosing his destiny. His retail expertise and business experience will enable you to make the right decisions about your own business and have an excellent chance of success. It will be an experience that you will never forget.