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If taking the Trans Canadian railway to Banff is not on your list of dream travel destinations, then it should be! Travelling across Canada by rail is an amazing experience such as no other! You will explore the entire country, from Banff to Vancouver, by rail and then sleep well at night in one region and wake up in another.

The Trans Canadian railway starts at Edmonton and runs southward all the way to Vancouver. From there, you take a train ride into Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. Once in Vancouver, the train takes you westward into British Columbia. The railway then continues into Alberta and finally stops at Calgary and finally ends its journey in the Alberta town of Banff.

Cross canada train
Cross Canada Train

As you travel through this magnificent country you will see all the Canadian mountains. This will be a great trip for the whole family. Many people will enjoy watching the spectacular scenery that this railway travel has to offer. Some will even visit some of the beautiful wilderness areas that are found in the western part of this country.

While travelling through this country you will come across the historic and beautiful city of Vancouver. This is a great place to visit with the children as well. Not only will they have the opportunity to view the sights in this beautiful city, they will also get a chance to visit some historical sites, see some of the most breathtaking mountains in this area, and even visit Vancouver’s International airport and the Pacific Ocean.

Along the way on the cross Canada railway you will also come across the beautiful Rocky Mountains. These mountains are known for their beauty and wildlife as well as their unique architecture.

When you are taking this train ride from Vancouver to Banff, you will have the chance to see some incredible wildlife such as whales and bears. These amazing animals are also considered sacred in some Native American tribes. This is a wonderful time to experience seeing the wonder of nature.

As you travel across this country you will find many of the spectacular scenery in the northern part of this country is quite spectacular and breathtaking. You will have the chance to see some of the best scenery that the country has to offer. If you are looking to spend some time in the mountains, you will want to stop off at some of the beautiful places. Here, you can ski, explore and get some really wonderful pictures of this beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

Many travellers like the idea of using this train to go on a guided tour through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The train will take you on a trestle that will take you to some beautiful sights. beautiful areas of the mountains that are often found at some of the highest points. In fact, you will be able to see some of the tallest peaks in the world!

When you are travelling through this country, you will come to the end of your train journey and be able to catch a helicopter ride back home. This is a truly amazing experience. You will be able to see the mountains from above and even take in the magnificent view of snow capped peaks as well. After you have had some time to relax, you will need to get back on the train again and continue on your journey through the provinces to your own lovely and relaxing destination!