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Absolute Foot Sanctuary is a popular Absolute Sanctuary and fitness retreat in Bangkok, Thailand. I had just started the Yoga program when I began to notice that the instructors seemed more like teachers rather than meditation masters.

And they were passing on some teachings that were new to me. And from what I could gather there were some contradictions with the old Yoga traditions. A guy from Thailand made some references to Maharishi and the use of crystals, etc., but there was no mention of which country he came from.

I wondered if I was ready for this new wave of yoga that was hitting the yoga scene. I wanted to meet more of these teachers and learn from them. It might be that I would find out later that I did not have enough time to fit in all the classes I wanted to go to. My gym closed early one Saturday morning and I didn’t want to miss the yoga retreat but I didn’t know how long it would last.

Of course I got to a lot of classes over the next few weeks and I met lots of new yogis from all over the world. They were happy to share their experiences with me and answer my questions. These were the same people that were so proud that they had chosen this class for their Thai Massage retreat.

So it was back to the Yoga class and a lot of group meditation sessions. The teacher was very hard on them and reminded them to practice constantly. She was very loud and exuded an energy that I really enjoyed, but I felt that she was getting way too much attention. Still I was enjoying the course and staying up for class even though I really needed to get up earlier.

The fact that I was experiencing some discomfort with my neck, back and shoulders only added to my enjoyment of this Yoga class. I loved the ChakraIntegration Yoga class where the teacher seemed to be studying and working with each chakra in order to expand their light. I just realized now that she was channeling the same energy through me and was literally helping me improve my life.

During the final Yoga class the instructor told us to clear out the mind and when the room was quiet, we did just that and then went to a quiet group meditation session. The third person in the meditation was me, but I didn’t get too comfortable and began to drift off. When we started our meditation again I was still very alert but didn’t really relax until the third time.

Absolute Foot Sanctuary

Yoga is not for everyone, but for many it is a great way to enter a meditative state of mind that is full of peace and quiet. So when you are looking for a wellness retreat to enjoy the beautiful Thai and Indian culture, check out Absolute Foot Sanctuary.