Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Knee of Fate Was On Your Side

And so it was that Phoenix gracefully left the 2016 Playoffs at the quarter-finals stage, after holding Bison to an uncomfortable little lead at WMMP and having half of their team put out of action.

And you know what? The boys done us proud. Hear about it right here. We recorded in a variety of different conditions so apologies for some of the sound quality.

For a Club that started the season playing in a different nation, suffered a series of huge financial setbacks and cruel blows, called on its fanbase to keep it afloat and had injury troubles that took it as low as the minimum number of dressed skaters allowed so as not to forfeit a game..... we did pretty well.

This show covers both "home" and away legs of the Quarter-Finals clash with Bison. It includes many a guest, not least of which, Tony Hand MBE and Fiona Heron (proud mum extraordinaire).

It features the final meeting of the NWRC and an impromptu game in inspired by Keith Floyd (as we needed filler when the Zamboni broke down).

It features the show's final interview with Mags Pullen (until we see her at Swindon or our new place or wherever else she will pop up)!

It's a moderate trek to Coventry so why not stick this on whilst you travel? We bleeped the swear words from Ben, Mags and Tony too!

This year's live shows from Coventry will not be "Phoenix" shows per se. That is simply because we now have so much representation from other clubs that it seemed to us to be a little unfair to call it a Phoenix show. Please note that it is not affiliated to ANY club and is NOT an official product from Phoenix, though we are happy for them and any other club to syndicate it through their media (with credit).

Also, be aware that we try to stop NM swearing but he simply can't help himself!

You can listen on your phone, on the way down. It's easy. Get Spreaker app. Search Spreaker for Phoenix Podcast (as we are using that so that you can find us) or click the link on Facebook or Twitter shortly before the live times.

Saturday's show starts at 1030am.

Sunday starts at 12 noon.

We can neither confirm nor deny that there might be a Late Edition of a some sort. If there is, it is NOT suitable for those with sensitive ears and is most definitely NOT official media of any club.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Powered By The Tears Of Trolls

We made it to the final regular season game of the 2015/16 season against all odds. And so did the Bees. And nobody expected either of us to do it! You can listen to all the....erm.... action, right here.

Along with the usual cast of balcony-dwellers and ramblings, we cover a game that left Phoenix feeling rather underwhelmed. We have the penultimate meeting of the NWRC with our co-opted Bee, Amy.

We are joined by Phoenix Captain Luke Boothroyd.

We talk Zambonii (Zambonies? Zambonees? Chilly Tractors?) and play a quick round of "What's Keith Floyd up to now?"

Really, we entertain you with screwball antics, have a few serious moments and nurse hangovers.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Your Cousin's A Bully

This is the first episode of the final regular season at the West Manchester Municipal Pool and we are bringing you all the action right here.

Zorbing, zambonii (is this the plural?), Rules Committee, a bit of booze, a lack of booze,chips, expanded desk facilities, and no flashy lights :-(

You don't need to listen now. So don't. Go away.  Go on, suckas! Sling your hook! Do one.

(see you tomorrow)

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Playoffs and The Snacks of Fancy

We begin this week's show by addressing our listener feedback and dealing with it in an adult and appropriate manner. Thank you for your tweets, Mrs Trellis.

Then, on account of there being a big old delay waiting for officials to arrive, Aaron has a little chat with Mark about his slight last week on the subject of popcorn and bonbons.

After all of that, we get down to some hockey talk as Tigers scrape their extra point in overtime at the West Manchester Municipal Pool.

Bradley from Tigers joins us as the latest co-opted member of the North Wales Rules Committee. Some belters this weekend.

Then Mark Wood (whoever he is) has a chat with James Neil about the game and about the impending road to the Playoffs.

So that a lot of stuff to listen to.

Well, it's a long drive back from the Hive on Sunday night.