Sunday, 6 March 2016

Playoffs and The Snacks of Fancy

We begin this week's show by addressing our listener feedback and dealing with it in an adult and appropriate manner. Thank you for your tweets, Mrs Trellis.

Then, on account of there being a big old delay waiting for officials to arrive, Aaron has a little chat with Mark about his slight last week on the subject of popcorn and bonbons.

After all of that, we get down to some hockey talk as Tigers scrape their extra point in overtime at the West Manchester Municipal Pool.

Bradley from Tigers joins us as the latest co-opted member of the North Wales Rules Committee. Some belters this weekend.

Then Mark Wood (whoever he is) has a chat with James Neil about the game and about the impending road to the Playoffs.

So that a lot of stuff to listen to.

Well, it's a long drive back from the Hive on Sunday night.


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