Sunday, 30 August 2015

Diolch, Kitties!

That's the first night at the new gaff done then!

Hear the show right here.

Swindon Wildcats did their best to stop the Phoenix as they made it clear whose house it was but they just about managed to claw back two goals in the final period as a dominating Phoenix with an almost magical Stephen Fone in net took them to school.

In addition to the action on the ice, the Podcast found its new location. It's no car park but we can still see the car park from there.

Take a listen and don't forget to pay attention to your first Welsh lesson of the season.

Have fun and see you there next week!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Croeso i'r Podlediad Manchester Phoenix!

Indeed to goodness, listener bach! 

Fun fact: the above may mean "Welcome to the Manchester Phoenix Podcast" in North Wales but, in South Wales, it means "Welcome to Hat Tomorrow Manchester Phoenix"

So that's good to get out of the way.
We're celebrating our temporary stay in The Land Of My Fathers throughout series 9 of the Official Show.

We are going to be keeping up with the Jonesessses by being far more serious and far less silly in this series. Obviously.

But don't worry; we'll still be bringing you all the usual suspects talking all of the usual nonsense about the oldest established Manchester ice hockey team and we will try to learn a few things about our host rink and host town along the way.

We thought that we would start the series off with a little look back at the Shirt Launch event and so we dispatched Stuart to point the microphone at people.

You can have a listen to what went on and how people were feeling as they looked forward to this weekend's pre-season action.