Monday, 7 December 2015

Hard Times

Listen to this week's episode right here.

This week's show begins with a fairly long interview with Neil Morris about the state of the Phoenix and the news of this week. It is a surprising listen in places. Less so in others.

Let me assure you of this though: the interview is not edited at all. Everything that NM said is making its way into the show.

Now, I realise that there will always be those who derive enjoyment from others' misfortunes. There will be those who look at our hard times or WS's withdrawal as validation of their decision to abandon Phoenix or to chose another club over Phoenix this season.
Conversely, there will always be those who think that Phoenix can do no wrong.
What I would say to both camps this week is for them to show some decency and some strength of character by not crowing, nitpicking, sniping or b****ing about this on social media. The club has a hard enough fight with its fate already without people stabbing at the Faithful in their time of difficulty.
Remember this: ice hockey is a minority sport in the UK. Its survival is contingent upon it being appealing to potential fans, the press and investors. Seeing a sport that is riddled with bitterness and sharp-tongued, score-settling is unappealing to everyone. Don't fool yourself that what happens in Deeside doesn't impact on Manchester or Sheffield, Nottingham, Basingstoke or Whitley blinking Bay. It does. So grow up.

Oh, yeah. There was some hockey on too. Bison took a deserved win. Listen for more details.


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