Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bees and Beesley

It's the second show in two days and it's available right here.

The Bees visited the WMMP this Sunday and though it was not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination, it was a Phoenix bench that just met the required minimum number against a only-slightly-deeper Bees bench.

Phoenix needed that win tonight and, despite the weirdest last 9 minutes of officiating we'd ever seen, it lifted the spirits.

Ben Russell joins Mark for the post-game chat.

Now, we played some more "What's in my Christmas dubstep stocking?" and Chris Beesley (the best commentator in the EPIHL) won a great gift.  The lovely, red, silk boxers with the mistletoe hung where you do not want to see.  And he has agreed that he will wear them on the balcony next weekend if we raise £50. Check out the main Podcast page for a sponsorship box for that within the next 24 hours.  There will be video.

In the meantime, the Christmas jumper and hat are still just about being tolerated (I HATE THEM!) and are earning some cash. Thanks to all that have contributed.  You are a lovely lot. I'll be wearing them next weekend too, not doubt.

So, for now, bye bye!

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