Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Three Games; Two Hours; One Point

Not quite the episode title that I wanted to go with but it's a reasonable summary.

Get started on this episode right here. You might want to take this in 45 minute bursts!

It was not the finest week in the history of our fine Club but we must assume that various lessons have been learned from the week that was.

This episode brings you coverage of all three games.

Jim Piper and Rob Kearns ("MK Rob") get you up-to-speed in a really very fair bit of road-game coverage.

Then, back to Deeside for the Saturday game against Peterborough Phantoms. They are the form side at present and are showing promise for the season. But can it last?

We stay in everyone's favourite shed in "West Manchester" for the Sunday game against Hull Pirates.  Many felt that we should have walked it but, clearly, nobody sent that memo to Mr Baston who put in an awesome performance between the pipes for the Chocolimes. Have you seen the video of that third period where one of our former contributors has edited together all of Baston's saves?  If not, you should go and check it out.

This week's Welsh is one of those terms that you will have read in Wales and wondered how to pronounce it. We're here to help.

Thanks to the usual team plus Peter Bradbury, Joe Scutts, Rob Kearns, Luke Boothroyd and James Archer.

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