Monday, 28 September 2015

This Is Why Dw I'n Cefnogi Phoenix!

That's why I support the Phoenix.  Injuries a-go-go but we have a coach who can call upon talent and create something impressive with what he has available.

In a week that saw Mark Thomas added to the injuries list and real worries forming about whether the podcast team would end-up having to ice for the Phoenix, there came a little luck mid-week. Jan Platil was released by Hull Pirates as they looked to make space for a new forward and Phoenix snapped him up as injury cover.  There was a little consternation from the Faithful as he wasn't announced via the Club's media prior to him hitting the ice. Of course, behind the scenes Phoenix would have had to fight against the clock to get him registered and ready to ice and so, one may think, the top priority was to get him ready to ice before announcing him. Then, getting a press-release together (on a weekend) and getting it out there might have been a push.  Everyone has a view on it. The main thing is that the club was able to pick him up and plug the other gaps caused by early injury woes.

Probably the revelation of the weekend was Paul Davies.  He played in NIHL2 Deeside Dragons last season and he made a big impression on the Phoenix (and the Steeldogs) on Sunday night.

Big props to local lads, Ryan Jones and Ross Kennedy for having stepped-up and helped keep the pressure on the opposition.

This week's show, which you can listen to right here, includes coverage from the away game in Swindon (featuring Scuttsy, Jim, Stuart and others) as well as the home game against the pups.

We hope you enjoy the new format. We are trying new things. Let us know what you think. @pnxpodcast

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