Sunday, 6 September 2015

Teething Troubles

Take a listen right here.

A great trip to Telford saw the Phoenix kick some kitty backside as the hosts were tired and suffering from injury woes.  Nevertheless, the Phoenix were not gifted the result and they pulled off the sort of teamwork that saw Tigers fans cry that the sky was falling.

But then, on Sunday night in Deeside, it was some of the Phoenix fans who were doing their best Chicken-licken impressions as a lacklustre performance on home ice combined with a smarting Tigers bench resulted in a bit of a trouncing.

We caught up with Gareth O'Flaherty after the game to talk it through and to look ahead to the first weekend of the league.

We also took our second Welsh lesson and discovered that those cheeky PTV lot have being trying to steal our Welsh feature!  I know, right?  Shocking!

Anyway, wounds from this weekend will heal and Hull and MK will be facing a team that has learned a lot from the pre-season.

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  1. It was Phoenix that your fans was upset over not the Tigers !!!