Sunday, 20 September 2015

Call the heddlu!

Listen right here to the story of the game Phoenix stole from the Flames.

A lot of pundits were suggesting that Phoenix would walk away from this injury-bedevilled weekend zero points and, after a bit of physical punishment in Basingstoke on the Saturday, it really looked likely that we'd have to that up.

But then, when the Flames misjudged their assault on Deeside's new residents, Phoenix landed the #2 spot on the EPIHL table.

Phoenix put in the most solid of team performances on the ice tonight. A team with that level of bond at such an early stage can go on to do great things. Tonight was, we hope, a sign of how Phoenix is the little team that shook its fist at the rest of the league.

To round things up, Mark Woodcock caught-up with the lovely Nico Aaltonen after the game.

Tonight's podcast was powered by donuts.

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