Sunday, 5 April 2015

Playoffs Live 2015 - Saturday (repost)

It's 2.15am on Sunday morning and I'm sitting down to post this show from this morning. We were running late but sounding great, we hope you'll agree.

What a day it has been!  Telford Tigers came out looking as though they didn't feel like trying. They faced a Phantoms side that knew that they had the support of everyone but Tigers. Was this vitriol and bilious hatred? No. It was pure panto. Just as Flames, Phoenix and others have had their turn being booed on the EPIHL's big stage, so it was Tigers' turn to get some ribbing.

Some teams might have used that to spur them on - as many a player has said, "If they don't boo me, I'm not doing my job right."

In addition, some of the neutrals in the rink (including Panthers Dave from the show), may have started neutral but were unimpressed by the style of play and apparent attitude of the Tigers.

I'm sad to say, you needed to be more brave and suck it up. Humility.

That said, it is perfectly clear that Wayne Scholes has the ambition of a Grand Slam. He'll do what it takes to get Tigers to it. Nil desperandum, Telford!

As for the MKL v Phoenix game, it was an odd sort of affair. We'll discuss it tomorrow.

On this episode, there is the annual quiz and some great music. There is also some nonsense, as always.

Thanks, as always, to fans of most EPIHL teams for making our live show the cross-league event that it has become. Some good friends and good chat makes for a happy hockey family.  Also, before anyone complains, Sheffield and Telford sent nobody, despite us asking. Meh.

Right, off to process the Silverblades ransomgate news and to put the Sunday show together.

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