Monday, 16 March 2015

The Bee-Team

Just as the news breaks about Wayne Scholes' injection of cash into the Bees, we come up against them in a late season series starting this weekend.

It was a rollercoaster of a game where, at times, Phoenix looked like they were going to throw it away but, in the end, a sudden surge of power and an ill-disciplined performance by some of the Bees number meant that Phoenix returned to winning ways at home.

It's a grim time at present. Boots and Psurny both out. Joe Graham put out on Saturday. It's wing and a prayer time.

That's what will make Thursday night's glorious victory following a comeback from a two goal deficit all that more amazing though, right?

Fidem very much serva, as they say 'round our way.

Take a listen here.  Sorry about the wind noises too.  I have misplaced my furry bit.  I will obtain a new furry bit when I find one and some money at the same time.  Podcasting is an expensive business.

For those who were asking, there is Podcast Live 2015 news coming soon.  Just as soon as I write any part of it, obtain some tunes, sort some features, perform system checks for a bit of new tech we might be playing with during the shows and sample the new beer from Sperrin.  Then and only then will there be podcast.

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