Monday, 30 March 2015

End of an Era - Part II - The Jaw-dropper

This is where you can relive the whole night of magic that took place in Basingstoke. It was a long journey and, despite those reassurances we spoke about, many of the Faithful travelled with a sense of trepidation and with butterflies in their stomachs.

As the game got underway, some queasy smiles began to appear in the away blocks of the Bison barn.  These were triggered by a Phoenix side who came out looking like they had been rested and were totally up for it and here for the win.

Yes, it was a game with some ups and downs. Yes, the Bison were showing a gritty style and a determination to please the Stampede. Also, let us not forget, another star of the British game (Nicky Chinn) was skating his last before his home crowd.

It was a fierce affair and there were occasions when it looked as if the game might get away from stripey, Tim Pickett, and when Balmer trailed a leg and put his knee out to take down Bakrlik, there was a fire lit on both sides of the ice. Bison fans determined that there was no trip and certainly not one worth a match penalty (though Frankie was injured). Phoenix fans determined that Balmer had gone beyond what was decent and had been dangerous.  Ultimately, the stripes saw it the Manchester way and that ended a period that was rough and ready.

Then came the longest twenty minutes ever. You had to be there.

On this show, we are joined by BOTW and Phoenix Podcast Live regular, Anthony Russell, Jim Piper, Emily Mort, Stuart Kilburn and Jacob Harrison.  Oh, and three full blocks of Phoenix Faithful on Tour!

Enjoy and don't forget to join us on Spreaker from 10.30am on Playoff Saturday and then 1pm of Sunday for the Phoenix Podcast Live shows from the Old Windmill, Spon Street, Coventry.

You can get the link from Twitter just before we go live (by following @pnxpodcast) or you can bookmark us by visiting our Spreaker page here: 

This year, we'll be playing the quiz, summarising the year in the EPIHL and EIHL as well as some new features including the bound-to-be-controversy-free "Whose Bits Are These?" game!  We are a classy, classy show.

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