Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Once More Unto The Breach

A three-point weekend for the Phoenix.  You can hear all about it right here.

A road trip with a turnaround that Bracknell did not see coming saw the first two points fall into Tony Hand's pocket.  It was the Phoenix who put the sting in the tail of that game and it was important for points like those not to be missed.

Then, on the Sunday, the Phoenix played host to the Flames and took it to the wire.  A single point was Manchester's but all present were treated to a belting game of hockey and a chest-swelling display of conviction by the boys.

With the Old Windmill in Coventry getting two beers all casked-up for the playoff weekend, you know it's going to be good.  What's more, the team from the best pub in Cov are going to be at the Dome on 1st March 2015 so make sure you make them as welcome as they make you on the jamboree weekend.

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