Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hooray for Playing Away!

This week the podcast is on the road and hitting a town near you - so long as you live in Basingstoke or Sheffield.  And, really, why would you?

Have a listen to the show right here.

We start our voyage down in Basingstoke on the Saturday as Stuart Kilburn, Emily Mort and Jim Piper witness a barebones Phoenix nearly slicing a point off of the big, old Bison.  Anthony Russell joins them once the victory is in the bag, of course.   ;-)

Then it's a trip through the snow to Poundland (or whatever they insist on calling it) to see the recently neutered puppies.  Ben, Jim, Emily, Chelle and Neil top and tail the game that saw Phoenix take to the ice with a total of 14 players and wrestle two points out of the hands of a Payette-less Steeldogs.

The main thing that has come out of this weekend for the Phoenix is that the Faithful has seen another two excellently cohesive performance from a depleted team who all have each others' backs.

Assuming there are sufficient players left by next weekend, we'll see you at the Dome.


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