Sunday, 11 January 2015

Clearing-up After The Mutts and Moggies

Take a listen, right here.

Two points from three games this week but it wasn't all bad. 
Firstly, we had a blast against the Steelpups when an on form Phoenix side totally dismantled them 8 - 2.  Let your excuses about midweek games and day jobs roll around the hills, Andre.  Fact is, you came up against a side who were ready for the fight that night and Sedlar was not on his game.  A short-handed Phoenix was still able to walk it.

Then, down at the Link, Swindon witnessed a game full of controversy and Joe Graham was the latest Phoenix "Man or Iron" to get bent out of shape (by a nasty boarding from a bad angle).  

On this week's show, away coverage is kindly provided by Joe Scutts and Ben Callaghan.  Give them a listen.  They may sound like they are going to gloat.  And they do.  But not as much as you are expecting.  And they only swear once.

Finally, we move on to the Telford clash at the Ice Dome.  We have not talked about a moral victory in a game since the EIHL days when Steelers (Boooooo!!!) were the opposition.  Well, we had the moral victory tonight.  And we weren't far from the actual victory.  And that was with another man (Psurny) down mid way through the game.  

There should be some hilarious moments in PTV this week as you can relive "that" offside call.  Enjoy that one.  It's hilarious.  And see if you can figure out what words Jim Piper is saying behind that plexi!

The game was a great one and the Phoenix Faithful saw a passionate performance of a rare nature.  PTID, indeed.

This weekend also saw a visit from the lovely Michelle off-of-from The Old Windmill in Coventry!  As a result of that on air chat, we can now confirm that, for the fourth year running, the Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast LIVE will be coming from that glorious drinking establishment.  

Yes, the quiz will be back.
Yes, the podcast gimp will be back.
Yes, there are some Phoenix-related special treats from the Windmill.
No, you will not be able to stay away.
No, the language and general behaviour will not improve.

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