Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Christmas Message

As Christmas is just around the corner, we thought that you might like to have a really simple statement of affairs from the guy whose name is above the door, so to speak.

Our Jim Piper caught-up with Neil Morris to talk about the ongoing fundraising, the financial plans, the voyage home (not the Star Trek movie) and Bonnie Tyler's wig.

Merry Christmas to all of our listeners here and around the world (channelling Nicholas Parsons there) and we'll see you on the other side.

BK and the podcast team

Monday, 21 December 2015

Phantoms. A Point. Pants.

This week's show is right here.

As the Phantoms came into town, we welcomed Dan Breen (off of from hockey radio stuff in Peterborough) to the show.

I'll admit it. We talked about hockey a little bit. And we talked about fundraising for ill-fitting pants, jumpers and trying to get Jim Piper into a Bonnie Tyler wig.

But it was fun. We'll be back in more serious mode after the festivities.

Until then, enjoy whatever it is you people do over the next two weeks and see you on the other side.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bees and Beesley

It's the second show in two days and it's available right here.

The Bees visited the WMMP this Sunday and though it was not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination, it was a Phoenix bench that just met the required minimum number against a only-slightly-deeper Bees bench.

Phoenix needed that win tonight and, despite the weirdest last 9 minutes of officiating we'd ever seen, it lifted the spirits.

Ben Russell joins Mark for the post-game chat.

Now, we played some more "What's in my Christmas dubstep stocking?" and Chris Beesley (the best commentator in the EPIHL) won a great gift.  The lovely, red, silk boxers with the mistletoe hung where you do not want to see.  And he has agreed that he will wear them on the balcony next weekend if we raise £50. Check out the main Podcast page for a sponsorship box for that within the next 24 hours.  There will be video.

In the meantime, the Christmas jumper and hat are still just about being tolerated (I HATE THEM!) and are earning some cash. Thanks to all that have contributed.  You are a lovely lot. I'll be wearing them next weekend too, not doubt.

So, for now, bye bye!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Happy Xmas (War Is NOT Over)

The show for Saturday night's War of the Roses first leg is right here and ready for you now.

The game was great! For two periods. It then went a little bit erm.. horribly wrong.

We are joined by Roger Williams from Steeldogs TV this week! We gave him a special Christmas present.

But at least we got to play What's In My Christmas Dubstep Stocking!!!!

My huge thanks go to the players (past and present) who have given me their stocking-filler favourites for the feature.

£15 raised on that game alone. Another £15 tomorrow. And, so far, £65 raised for my degrading and horrid Christmas jumper.  Thanks to Dave Pullen for the loan of his glamorous Christmas hat!  It doesn't fit over my headphones but I did my best.

We hear from scrapper, Jacob Corson-Heron as he joins Mark, post-game.



Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Little Update

Not quite the show you were awaiting but we thought we'd take the opportunity to share some thoughts.

All being well, we'll speak to Mr Scholes another day.

There is, of course, the Tigers fan forum tomorrow night so maybe there'll be some news out of there.

BK and J"T"P

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hard Times

Listen to this week's episode right here.

This week's show begins with a fairly long interview with Neil Morris about the state of the Phoenix and the news of this week. It is a surprising listen in places. Less so in others.

Let me assure you of this though: the interview is not edited at all. Everything that NM said is making its way into the show.

Now, I realise that there will always be those who derive enjoyment from others' misfortunes. There will be those who look at our hard times or WS's withdrawal as validation of their decision to abandon Phoenix or to chose another club over Phoenix this season.
Conversely, there will always be those who think that Phoenix can do no wrong.
What I would say to both camps this week is for them to show some decency and some strength of character by not crowing, nitpicking, sniping or b****ing about this on social media. The club has a hard enough fight with its fate already without people stabbing at the Faithful in their time of difficulty.
Remember this: ice hockey is a minority sport in the UK. Its survival is contingent upon it being appealing to potential fans, the press and investors. Seeing a sport that is riddled with bitterness and sharp-tongued, score-settling is unappealing to everyone. Don't fool yourself that what happens in Deeside doesn't impact on Manchester or Sheffield, Nottingham, Basingstoke or Whitley blinking Bay. It does. So grow up.

Oh, yeah. There was some hockey on too. Bison took a deserved win. Listen for more details.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Ghost of a Chance

Listen to this week's show right here.

It was another of those games that nobody thought that we should win. And, for a time, it looked like the predictions would be correct.

Nevertheless, you know how it ended. And what a great ending that was to a freezing cold night in the West Manchester Municipal Pool  

We also discuss the various rumours that have been doing the rounds, the Bees' statement and the like.

Don't forget to have a go at our Welsh phrase of the week!

See you in two weeks!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Cats and Dogs

Have a listen right here. 

This week's show includes a little coverage of our game on the wrong side of the hills as well as the home game against those pesky blummin' Wildcats.

A lacklustre 2nd and 3rd from Phoenix in Sheffield led to defeat from what felt like it should have been victory.

Back at the West Manchester Municipal Pool, Wildcats lulled us into a false sense of security before pushing ahead on a lucky break and then clinching it in overtime.   And a belting game it was too.

A big crowd of Phoenix Faithful and Wildcats fans made for a great atmosphere at the Phoenix temporary home.

It was lovely to see Richard Bentham back on the ice for Phoenix too. He picked up MOM and with good reason (despite his silly penalty!)

Until next weekend!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Four Points. And Breathe.

I type this as a happy Phoenix fan!  It has been a little while since I drove back from Deeside with a big grin on my face.

A win against Hull Pirates is perhaps not that unexpected but it was something of a trouncing of the Humberside villains.  A game not without its controversy but a thorough and convincing road win.

Many a Phoenix fan was of the view that the new plexi at Deeside would be the highlight of the evening and that the Tigers might just come in and throw body after body at it until they took the points. And to say that this was the Tigers complete with Weaver and Silverthorn?  What hope would we have?

I suppose this is where keeping the faith comes in.  It took a some doing but Phoenix could smell blood when the first goal went in and when the Tigers netminder fell for the same trick twice inside a minute, Phoenix made darned sure to make the most of it.

A good night at the office and what felt like a return to strong team plays.

Maynard was MOM for Tigers.

Aaltonen was MOM for Phoenix. It was between him, Gron and Fone.  Aaltonen deserved it on the basis of it being 3 periods of sharp plays.

A barn-stormer. Plain and simple.

Listen-up, right here.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Phoenix Faithful, Double Feature

Running late and sounding adequate, it's the Halloween edition of the OMPP!

This week, we have coverage from the away game in Basingstoke as well as the home game at the West Manchester Municipal Pool. 

We are missing a little bit of audio but I think we make up for it with some added bonuses. 

We have interviews with Tony Hand and Mark Thomas as well as this week's rather important Welsh lesson. 

Really, although it is a little late, this is still the best hour of hockey podcast you are going to hear this week. So get comfortable and hit play. 

Let's hope for a couple more points next weekend. 


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Kitties Who Keep On Giving

A three-point weekend was certainly what the doctor ordered after last week left us all feeling a bit glum. Hear all the details right here.

Holding the Flames to the point was no small accomplishment and countering the newly-augmented Swindon Wildcats was a pleasure to watch. That Finucci lad is a bit nifty, eh?

We bring you coverage of both games this week and a little from Coach Tony Hand after that away journey.

Mark catches-up with Gareth O'Flaherty after the buzzer on the Sunday night too.

Do enjoy and be nice to Mark and Co as they go it alone next week!

Also, many apologies to the entire of Wales for the worst bit of Welsh ever on a podcast in this week's episode.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Three Games; Two Hours; One Point

Not quite the episode title that I wanted to go with but it's a reasonable summary.

Get started on this episode right here. You might want to take this in 45 minute bursts!

It was not the finest week in the history of our fine Club but we must assume that various lessons have been learned from the week that was.

This episode brings you coverage of all three games.

Jim Piper and Rob Kearns ("MK Rob") get you up-to-speed in a really very fair bit of road-game coverage.

Then, back to Deeside for the Saturday game against Peterborough Phantoms. They are the form side at present and are showing promise for the season. But can it last?

We stay in everyone's favourite shed in "West Manchester" for the Sunday game against Hull Pirates.  Many felt that we should have walked it but, clearly, nobody sent that memo to Mr Baston who put in an awesome performance between the pipes for the Chocolimes. Have you seen the video of that third period where one of our former contributors has edited together all of Baston's saves?  If not, you should go and check it out.

This week's Welsh is one of those terms that you will have read in Wales and wondered how to pronounce it. We're here to help.

Thanks to the usual team plus Peter Bradbury, Joe Scutts, Rob Kearns, Luke Boothroyd and James Archer.

Monday, 5 October 2015

My Droogies, We Deserved A Point.

Of course, we picked-up two points on the Saturday against the RED Hockey stablemates in Bracknell but, as James Neil says this week, it would have been nice to have a point from the home clash against the Bison. It wasn't a thriller of a game, it must be said. Both sides looked exhausted from their Saturday night clashes.

There were individuals with exceptional fitness on each side who were driving the show and neither team let their heads go down and the result was probably about right, if it had to be done in regulation. But it would have been nice.

Anyway, that's enough of that. In this week's show, we enjoy a little autumn sunshine outside the rink at the start of the show and we are all treated to the unfortunate notion of Jim Piper's holiday-wear.

We continue our guide to speaking the language of my fathers, Welsh. This week, we learn how to ask, "What?". Very useful. And it sounds a bit like a German trying dialogue from A Clockwork Orange. See, that explains the episode title.

Now it's time to test a theory. I don't think that anybody reads this. If you have read this, post this to Twitter (without tagging @pnxpodcast): I read the secret message. #DontTellTheBudgie If I get more than 5, I'll...erm... well, I don't know what I will do. Something though. Probably.

 Have a listen to this week's show, right here.

Monday, 28 September 2015

This Is Why Dw I'n Cefnogi Phoenix!

That's why I support the Phoenix.  Injuries a-go-go but we have a coach who can call upon talent and create something impressive with what he has available.

In a week that saw Mark Thomas added to the injuries list and real worries forming about whether the podcast team would end-up having to ice for the Phoenix, there came a little luck mid-week. Jan Platil was released by Hull Pirates as they looked to make space for a new forward and Phoenix snapped him up as injury cover.  There was a little consternation from the Faithful as he wasn't announced via the Club's media prior to him hitting the ice. Of course, behind the scenes Phoenix would have had to fight against the clock to get him registered and ready to ice and so, one may think, the top priority was to get him ready to ice before announcing him. Then, getting a press-release together (on a weekend) and getting it out there might have been a push.  Everyone has a view on it. The main thing is that the club was able to pick him up and plug the other gaps caused by early injury woes.

Probably the revelation of the weekend was Paul Davies.  He played in NIHL2 Deeside Dragons last season and he made a big impression on the Phoenix (and the Steeldogs) on Sunday night.

Big props to local lads, Ryan Jones and Ross Kennedy for having stepped-up and helped keep the pressure on the opposition.

This week's show, which you can listen to right here, includes coverage from the away game in Swindon (featuring Scuttsy, Jim, Stuart and others) as well as the home game against the pups.

We hope you enjoy the new format. We are trying new things. Let us know what you think. @pnxpodcast

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Call the heddlu!

Listen right here to the story of the game Phoenix stole from the Flames.

A lot of pundits were suggesting that Phoenix would walk away from this injury-bedevilled weekend zero points and, after a bit of physical punishment in Basingstoke on the Saturday, it really looked likely that we'd have to that up.

But then, when the Flames misjudged their assault on Deeside's new residents, Phoenix landed the #2 spot on the EPIHL table.

Phoenix put in the most solid of team performances on the ice tonight. A team with that level of bond at such an early stage can go on to do great things. Tonight was, we hope, a sign of how Phoenix is the little team that shook its fist at the rest of the league.

To round things up, Mark Woodcock caught-up with the lovely Nico Aaltonen after the game.

Tonight's podcast was powered by donuts.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Four-point Weekend - Who'd have thunk it?

Have a listen to this week's show right here.

A new season starts and Phoenix come out on top against MKL and against Hull Pirates.

We thought we'd take the show indoors this week in order to soak up the atmosphere so the show's a little longer and a little different this week.

Words of wisdom this week from Ben Wood, Mark Woodcock, Paul Woodcock, Jim Piper and yours truly.

Please send all complaints to

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Teething Troubles

Take a listen right here.

A great trip to Telford saw the Phoenix kick some kitty backside as the hosts were tired and suffering from injury woes.  Nevertheless, the Phoenix were not gifted the result and they pulled off the sort of teamwork that saw Tigers fans cry that the sky was falling.

But then, on Sunday night in Deeside, it was some of the Phoenix fans who were doing their best Chicken-licken impressions as a lacklustre performance on home ice combined with a smarting Tigers bench resulted in a bit of a trouncing.

We caught up with Gareth O'Flaherty after the game to talk it through and to look ahead to the first weekend of the league.

We also took our second Welsh lesson and discovered that those cheeky PTV lot have being trying to steal our Welsh feature!  I know, right?  Shocking!

Anyway, wounds from this weekend will heal and Hull and MK will be facing a team that has learned a lot from the pre-season.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Diolch, Kitties!

That's the first night at the new gaff done then!

Hear the show right here.

Swindon Wildcats did their best to stop the Phoenix as they made it clear whose house it was but they just about managed to claw back two goals in the final period as a dominating Phoenix with an almost magical Stephen Fone in net took them to school.

In addition to the action on the ice, the Podcast found its new location. It's no car park but we can still see the car park from there.

Take a listen and don't forget to pay attention to your first Welsh lesson of the season.

Have fun and see you there next week!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Croeso i'r Podlediad Manchester Phoenix!

Indeed to goodness, listener bach! 

Fun fact: the above may mean "Welcome to the Manchester Phoenix Podcast" in North Wales but, in South Wales, it means "Welcome to Hat Tomorrow Manchester Phoenix"

So that's good to get out of the way.
We're celebrating our temporary stay in The Land Of My Fathers throughout series 9 of the Official Show.

We are going to be keeping up with the Jonesessses by being far more serious and far less silly in this series. Obviously.

But don't worry; we'll still be bringing you all the usual suspects talking all of the usual nonsense about the oldest established Manchester ice hockey team and we will try to learn a few things about our host rink and host town along the way.

We thought that we would start the series off with a little look back at the Shirt Launch event and so we dispatched Stuart to point the microphone at people.

You can have a listen to what went on and how people were feeling as they looked forward to this weekend's pre-season action.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Phoenix Will Return....

...and it will be in time for the new season.

Below is the full text of the press release from Neil Morris.  Most of this is repeating what he has said before, including on the Sunday episode of the Podcast Playoffs Live shows.

That said, when people read "that" release from Silver Blades, there was a worry that it was a statement of intent to usurp the Phoenix as Manchester's hockey franchise.
Now, Silver Blades may well wish to operate an EPL franchise out of the Ice Dome but it clearly won't be a Phoenix operated by them. Moreover, it seems as though they have yet to announce an EPL team operated by them.  

So, where does that leave us? Phoenix will be back for the new season. They hope to play at Alty but, if they can't, they'll play elsewhere. The EIHL are happy to have Phoenix back. RED's commitment to Phoenix has not been destroyed by this nonsense.  Phoenix has some confirmed signings (and there is something you can read into that line of the press release, maybe!)

In short, if there is to be a move be Silver Blades to put a senior EPL team out in Alty, it's time for them to speak up or to do a big old u-turn.

Time will tell.  In the meantime, here's that release in full:

"Manchester Phoenix majority owner Neil Morris has stepped in with a deal to preserve his club’s status in the English Premier League.
A week of legal wrangling involving rink operators Silver Blades, Phoenix and part-owners Red Hockey, may have led to concerns about the club’s ability to ice a team in the EPL. But after negotiations between Mr Morris and the EIHA, Manchester Phoenix will definitely be part of next season’s EPL line-up.
Discussions are taking place over the use of the Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham, but the club has already started signing players, who are keen to show their loyalty to the Phoenix.
And Neil Morris is delighted to have secured his club’s immediate future.He said: “This is great news for Manchester Phoenix and whether we are playing in Altrincham or at another venue, the club will be in the EPL next season. “We would like to stay at Silver Blades in Altrincham, but I have made sure the situation is in hand. Tony Hand and I already have some exciting new plans for the coming season.”
Red Hockey CEO Wayne Scholes, whose company owns 34% of Manchester Phoenix, has backed Mr Morris’s successful bid to keep his club in the EPL.
He said: “It has been an interesting few days, so to get some confirmation about next season is very reassuring. The EIHA, and in particular Chairman Ken Taggart, have been very supportive.”
“We are hoping that the Silver Blades organisation would recognise the great privilege and opportunity it is to have such a successful team, along with some very loyal fans, the Phoenix faithful in their building.”
“Therefore we’re hopeful that a reasonable conversation can take place and an agreement can be met. It is in everybody’s interest that we get our preparations in place as soon as possible.”
“Rest assured, Manchester Phoenix will be competing in the English Premier Ice Hockey League next season. They are part of the Red Hockey family, and as such, can look forward to an exciting future.”

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Live From Coventry 2015 - Sunday

Almost everything that could be said about this weekend has been said.  Except
the stuff in this episode, of course.

A season with some big highs (the Cup and Playoff finals) and so low lows has come to an end and British hockey has slipped into the swirling mess of egos and snipes.

I suppose it wouldn't be British hockey without it.

Anyway, lets not let that get in the way of the fun and games of the Sunday show.

This episode features NM explaining his position (as was before the statement on the following Tuesday).

It also features quite a bit of hockey and, of course, a bumper Rumour Mill.

If we are back next year, we'll climb into your ears some time in advance to tell you.

Have a good summer.

BK out.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Reply to Silver Blades statement

The following is a statement issued by Manchester Phoenix's management. The Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast is not the author of this statement but does endorse the sentiment behind it. If we have to find another car park to broadcast from, so be it. - BK

"Manchester- The Manchester Phoenix have enjoyed a long and successful history of playing superior ice hockey in the EPIHL. Recently, others have attempted to tarnish our reputation and interfere with our contractual relationships. We would like to categorically state that there has not ever been any misuse of any funds by the Manchester Phoenix. Furthermore, we have continuously engaged in good faith negotiations regarding the rental of ice time and are happy to continue on that basis. However, we do not believe that it is productive to respond to false or misleading statements in this forum. Rather, we leave it to our fans to look at the available information, our history with the team and the fans, and make their own evaluation. Regarding our ownership structure, we are a private company and that is generally non-public information. However, because we believe in transparency, and because we are proud of our association with Red Hockey, who have accomplished great things this year, we made some of this information public. However, the majority ownership of the Manchester Phoenix, as well as the management structure, have not been changed at all. As far as we are concerned it is business as usual. The Manchester Phoenix plan to play in the EPIHL next season and for a long time to come.


RHL- The Tigers would like to publicly voice their support for the Manchester Phoenix, our partner, and a great EPIHL team. Manchester is currently under fire from self-interested parties who want to destroy a responsible long-standing team in the name of profits. RHL condemns the tactics of issuing ultimatums and black mail, and hopes that the other EPIHL owners and the league itself step up to protect one of their own from any abusive behavior. As always, RHL wants to promote and develop the sport of ice hockey for the clubs and the fans. Please join us in voicing your support for the Manchester Phoenix.

Kind Regards Neil

Neil Morris
Managing Director
Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club"

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Playoffs Live 2015 - Saturday (repost)

It's 2.15am on Sunday morning and I'm sitting down to post this show from this morning. We were running late but sounding great, we hope you'll agree.

What a day it has been!  Telford Tigers came out looking as though they didn't feel like trying. They faced a Phantoms side that knew that they had the support of everyone but Tigers. Was this vitriol and bilious hatred? No. It was pure panto. Just as Flames, Phoenix and others have had their turn being booed on the EPIHL's big stage, so it was Tigers' turn to get some ribbing.

Some teams might have used that to spur them on - as many a player has said, "If they don't boo me, I'm not doing my job right."

In addition, some of the neutrals in the rink (including Panthers Dave from the show), may have started neutral but were unimpressed by the style of play and apparent attitude of the Tigers.

I'm sad to say, you needed to be more brave and suck it up. Humility.

That said, it is perfectly clear that Wayne Scholes has the ambition of a Grand Slam. He'll do what it takes to get Tigers to it. Nil desperandum, Telford!

As for the MKL v Phoenix game, it was an odd sort of affair. We'll discuss it tomorrow.

On this episode, there is the annual quiz and some great music. There is also some nonsense, as always.

Thanks, as always, to fans of most EPIHL teams for making our live show the cross-league event that it has become. Some good friends and good chat makes for a happy hockey family.  Also, before anyone complains, Sheffield and Telford sent nobody, despite us asking. Meh.

Right, off to process the Silverblades ransomgate news and to put the Sunday show together.

Monday, 30 March 2015

End of an Era - Part II - The Jaw-dropper

This is where you can relive the whole night of magic that took place in Basingstoke. It was a long journey and, despite those reassurances we spoke about, many of the Faithful travelled with a sense of trepidation and with butterflies in their stomachs.

As the game got underway, some queasy smiles began to appear in the away blocks of the Bison barn.  These were triggered by a Phoenix side who came out looking like they had been rested and were totally up for it and here for the win.

Yes, it was a game with some ups and downs. Yes, the Bison were showing a gritty style and a determination to please the Stampede. Also, let us not forget, another star of the British game (Nicky Chinn) was skating his last before his home crowd.

It was a fierce affair and there were occasions when it looked as if the game might get away from stripey, Tim Pickett, and when Balmer trailed a leg and put his knee out to take down Bakrlik, there was a fire lit on both sides of the ice. Bison fans determined that there was no trip and certainly not one worth a match penalty (though Frankie was injured). Phoenix fans determined that Balmer had gone beyond what was decent and had been dangerous.  Ultimately, the stripes saw it the Manchester way and that ended a period that was rough and ready.

Then came the longest twenty minutes ever. You had to be there.

On this show, we are joined by BOTW and Phoenix Podcast Live regular, Anthony Russell, Jim Piper, Emily Mort, Stuart Kilburn and Jacob Harrison.  Oh, and three full blocks of Phoenix Faithful on Tour!

Enjoy and don't forget to join us on Spreaker from 10.30am on Playoff Saturday and then 1pm of Sunday for the Phoenix Podcast Live shows from the Old Windmill, Spon Street, Coventry.

You can get the link from Twitter just before we go live (by following @pnxpodcast) or you can bookmark us by visiting our Spreaker page here: 

This year, we'll be playing the quiz, summarising the year in the EPIHL and EIHL as well as some new features including the bound-to-be-controversy-free "Whose Bits Are These?" game!  We are a classy, classy show.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

End of an Era - Part I

Check out this week's first show right here.

It was truly a testing night at the Ice Dome. Tony Hand's last ever game on home ice. The Great One of British hockey skates his last and his shirt is retired. It is truly the end of an era.

Not just him but Adam Walker completes his third tour of duty for Manchester and, in doing so, ends his playing days in league hockey. He will be greatly missed. Sure, he has been elsewhere on and off, but he's sewn into Manchester Phoenix and we will miss him - (I shall miss him as one of my favourite interviewees over the years and a hockey friend too - BK).

Not just that but Andy Dutton of the match night stewarding team has hung up his hi-viz but he'll be back to watch the Phoenix from an actual seat!  Still, one of the huge family of Phoenix staffers.

And finally, Paul Turner, a fixture at Phoenix and one of the rink's most familiar faces, has left the Bench. Years of hard work and he too will be missed.

All of that and there was some hockey too. It was a tetchy game in places and there will be bumps and bruises but Phoenix did make Bison look a mess at times.  Skinns was made to look very sloppy in the first but the pace got to the Phoenix in the end and they will travel to Basingstoke with a goal to recover before they put this to bed.

Joe Graham joins us at the end of the game to talk playoffs, next season and his awesome news - he's going to be a daddy!  Congratulations from all at the podcast.

Now boys, get to Coventry. Stat.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Scholes, Bees and Burlin!

What you'll hear here is the interview with Wayne Scholes from before Thursday night's big game in Telford.  Three big announcements to come, eh?

Then, you will hear Peter Bradbury standing in for Ben at the last Saturday game of the regular season as the Phoenix dismantled the Bees.  Thanks to Steve Merry for talking to us, despite the despair being inflicted upon him by none other than Johan Burlin (Phoenix MOM).

Whilst listening to the show, why not visit our Podcast Live shop and make sure that you are wearing the best t-shirts, hat and even pants (yes, actual pants) of anyone in Coventry.  You can find the store right here and you should order fast to avoid disappointment.

Please note that these items are at cost price. They make no money for the podcast or anyone other than the manufacturer.  They are for fun and not intended to be anything more.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Bee-Team

Just as the news breaks about Wayne Scholes' injection of cash into the Bees, we come up against them in a late season series starting this weekend.

It was a rollercoaster of a game where, at times, Phoenix looked like they were going to throw it away but, in the end, a sudden surge of power and an ill-disciplined performance by some of the Bees number meant that Phoenix returned to winning ways at home.

It's a grim time at present. Boots and Psurny both out. Joe Graham put out on Saturday. It's wing and a prayer time.

That's what will make Thursday night's glorious victory following a comeback from a two goal deficit all that more amazing though, right?

Fidem very much serva, as they say 'round our way.

Take a listen here.  Sorry about the wind noises too.  I have misplaced my furry bit.  I will obtain a new furry bit when I find one and some money at the same time.  Podcasting is an expensive business.

For those who were asking, there is Podcast Live 2015 news coming soon.  Just as soon as I write any part of it, obtain some tunes, sort some features, perform system checks for a bit of new tech we might be playing with during the shows and sample the new beer from Sperrin.  Then and only then will there be podcast.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Two Behind, Too Behind?

It's the first leg of the historic Cup Final between the Manchester Phoenix and those Tigers.

In a busy hockey week, there's lots to talk about off the ice as well as on it.  And lots not to talk about too.  Very confusing times.

This was recorded before the Bees Bombshell (and any more that drop in the next week or so) but there's no shortage of rumours and chat.

Anyway, you don't want to spend your time reading this. You should, instead, listen to this.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Pointless Episode (repost)

The weekend may not have been quite what we were hoping for on ice but we had a laugh in the car park, at least!

A mixed bag of triumphs (Boots coming back and whispers of Watkins returning) and disasters (running out of change for the coffee machine) this weekend but no such tribulations for the Tigers.

We congratulate the Tigers for finally formalising their EPL League win and look back at the road taken.

Then we watch Phoenix get a bit of a bloody nose from the Phantoms on home ice.

Then we see Johan Burlin getting the MoM award.  Then we see him looking cross at Jim.  There's no pleasing some people!

Apologies for the repost of this.  If you have already heard it, great.  If not, this is to help iTunes pick the episode up. Thanks. BK

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pointless Episode

The weekend may not have been quite what we were hoping for on ice but we had a laugh in the car park, at least!

A mixed bag of triumphs (Boots coming back and whispers of Watkins returning) and disasters (running out of change for the coffee machine) this weekend but no such tribulations for the Tigers.

We congratulate the Tigers for finally formalising their EPL League win and look back at the road taken.

Then we watch Phoenix get a bit of a bloody nose from the Phantoms on home ice.

Then we see Johan Burlin getting the MoM award.  Then we see him looking cross at Jim.  There's no pleasing some people!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Someone roars, "Bobby Scores"! the good old hockey game.

Sorry for the later than advertised episode.  Family crisis took me to the other end of the country.  Back now and ready to put this week's episode into your ears.

After an inconsequential trip to the Brave Tigers on Saturday (clearly, the lads were saving themselves for the Cup victory), the Flames came to town to provide a little cannon fodder for the Phoenix.

Bobby Chamberlain picked up man of the match and I picked up a few new swear words as people gave their considered critique of the officiating standard.  I will say nothing.


Monday, 16 February 2015

Hair'em Scare'em

Ben was trapped under paperwork and important lawyer stuff this Sunday and so it fell to Stuart Kilburn to take the reigns on what proved to be a breathtaking bit of league action at the Altrincham Ice Dome.

MK coming to town usually means that it's going to be a good game but the excitement generated at the rink for this one was quite unusual.

The confidence-boosting scores are continuing for the Phoenix and when a certain MK import decided  to misbehave, it was hairdresser Jacob Corson-Heron who put him quite squarely in his place - which turned out to be on his backside whilst being ribbed by a very amused Phoenix Faithful.

Joking aside, MK got rough on this visit (as the gamesheet shows) but the new "spicy" Phoenix is determined to let all comers know that you will not get to push them around on home ice.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Swindon get sCUPpered

Take a listen to this special show dedicated to the hammering given by Manchester Phoenix to some hapless pussycats on Thursday night's cup semi-final second leg.

What a game it was!  Swindon were all over the place and Lyle had the worst day at the office I have seen from him in a long, long time.

All of that coincided with the Phoenix suddenly finding a new gear.  A Gordie Howe hat-trick would win Joe Graham the Man of the Match award on most games but you cannot ignore the five thousand goals scored by Jams Archer.

The weeknight away support from Swindon was superb and gave arguably more than their idols deserved.

On this show, we are pleased to b joined by Joe Scutts (Scuttsy from Phoenix Live and from The Below Average Sportscast) as well as regulars Stuart Kilburn, Peter Bradbury, Dave Ireland, Jim Piper, Ian Willoughby and Alex Kunawicz.

We are also joined again by podcast newcomers Max and Connor.   Max is the ginger one, in case you wondered.

Brace yourself for an away game of revenge on Saturday. Let's hope that there is enough on the ice on Sunday to cause some upset too.

It almost seems like filler until that cup final though, doesn't it?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kicking Off

This week's episode is right here.

So, with just the one game to talk about this weekend, we did what came naturally: sniped about the Tigers; mocked the Archers sound effects; talked nonsense.

A pretty usual episode for us, really.

Have at it and we'll catch up on the Cup game show this week.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Herd on the Wire

That third Bison goal was about as welcome as a drunk in a midnight choir, in any event.

A night of turmoil in the EPL on Sunday but two points for Phoenix this weekend as they settle into having all but Luke Boothroyd back on the ice.

This is the run up to the Cup and the Playoffs campaign and it was a good team effort all around.  These 3 goal deficits in the first period have got to stop though, eh?

Take a listen right here.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cup Special - Part One

As promised in this week's regular episode of the show, this is the look ahead a the Cup tie this week.

Peter Bradbury (Below Average Sports Podcast) is joined by our tame Wildcats, Joe Scutts and Ben Callaghan to pitch punditry and to weigh-up the odds.

Check out this show
right here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Once More Unto The Breach

A three-point weekend for the Phoenix.  You can hear all about it right here.

A road trip with a turnaround that Bracknell did not see coming saw the first two points fall into Tony Hand's pocket.  It was the Phoenix who put the sting in the tail of that game and it was important for points like those not to be missed.

Then, on the Sunday, the Phoenix played host to the Flames and took it to the wire.  A single point was Manchester's but all present were treated to a belting game of hockey and a chest-swelling display of conviction by the boys.

With the Old Windmill in Coventry getting two beers all casked-up for the playoff weekend, you know it's going to be good.  What's more, the team from the best pub in Cov are going to be at the Dome on 1st March 2015 so make sure you make them as welcome as they make you on the jamboree weekend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hooray for Playing Away!

This week the podcast is on the road and hitting a town near you - so long as you live in Basingstoke or Sheffield.  And, really, why would you?

Have a listen to the show right here.

We start our voyage down in Basingstoke on the Saturday as Stuart Kilburn, Emily Mort and Jim Piper witness a barebones Phoenix nearly slicing a point off of the big, old Bison.  Anthony Russell joins them once the victory is in the bag, of course.   ;-)

Then it's a trip through the snow to Poundland (or whatever they insist on calling it) to see the recently neutered puppies.  Ben, Jim, Emily, Chelle and Neil top and tail the game that saw Phoenix take to the ice with a total of 14 players and wrestle two points out of the hands of a Payette-less Steeldogs.

The main thing that has come out of this weekend for the Phoenix is that the Faithful has seen another two excellently cohesive performance from a depleted team who all have each others' backs.

Assuming there are sufficient players left by next weekend, we'll see you at the Dome.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Clearing-up After The Mutts and Moggies

Take a listen, right here.

Two points from three games this week but it wasn't all bad. 
Firstly, we had a blast against the Steelpups when an on form Phoenix side totally dismantled them 8 - 2.  Let your excuses about midweek games and day jobs roll around the hills, Andre.  Fact is, you came up against a side who were ready for the fight that night and Sedlar was not on his game.  A short-handed Phoenix was still able to walk it.

Then, down at the Link, Swindon witnessed a game full of controversy and Joe Graham was the latest Phoenix "Man or Iron" to get bent out of shape (by a nasty boarding from a bad angle).  

On this week's show, away coverage is kindly provided by Joe Scutts and Ben Callaghan.  Give them a listen.  They may sound like they are going to gloat.  And they do.  But not as much as you are expecting.  And they only swear once.

Finally, we move on to the Telford clash at the Ice Dome.  We have not talked about a moral victory in a game since the EIHL days when Steelers (Boooooo!!!) were the opposition.  Well, we had the moral victory tonight.  And we weren't far from the actual victory.  And that was with another man (Psurny) down mid way through the game.  

There should be some hilarious moments in PTV this week as you can relive "that" offside call.  Enjoy that one.  It's hilarious.  And see if you can figure out what words Jim Piper is saying behind that plexi!

The game was a great one and the Phoenix Faithful saw a passionate performance of a rare nature.  PTID, indeed.

This weekend also saw a visit from the lovely Michelle off-of-from The Old Windmill in Coventry!  As a result of that on air chat, we can now confirm that, for the fourth year running, the Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast LIVE will be coming from that glorious drinking establishment.  

Yes, the quiz will be back.
Yes, the podcast gimp will be back.
Yes, there are some Phoenix-related special treats from the Windmill.
No, you will not be able to stay away.
No, the language and general behaviour will not improve.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Bitter End

This week's show is right here.

Another tough weekend for Manchester as the boys faced the rough stuff of Sheffield and felt robbed of one of the points and then clawed their way back from a bad start at the Ice Dome.

It is a tough time to be a Phoenix fan at present.  The faith is still there but all eyes are focused on the playoffs and the Cup at this point.  With that in mind, the silliness can set in.  Thankfully, it already set in on the podcast years ago.

Onwards. Ever onwards.