Sunday, 28 September 2014

Four Points For Rick

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As birthday boy Stuart Kilburn and gardening god Dave Ireland stand-in again for a frankly malingering Ben Knight, this weekend brought both joy and sadness for the Phoenix Faithful and the assembled masses at the Ice Dome.

A great away result against the squatting MK Lightning with injuries piling-up already brought a triumphant (though very tired) Phoenix squad back to Altrincham for Sunday.

Before the home game, a minute of silent observation for Rick, who passed-away this week.  The Podcast will miss him at the Windmill on playoff weekends, for sure.

Buoyed by a dedicated Faithful and some counter-stacked odds, the Phoenix flew it home on a wing and a prayer on Sunday night and, although injuries continue to plague the start of this season, Phoenix are far from caving.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


As Ben languishes at home with the heavy hand of death upon his nostrils, Stuart Kilburn steps in to cover podcasting duties and to babysit those mucky-pups from over t'hill.  And you can listen right here.

After a game played at breakneck pace in Basingstoke and a rare pounding from the chaotic canines in Altrincham, Phoenix walk away with no points.

So, as social media presumes the sky to be falling, we must all pull together and give each other a big Phoenix family hug and just hope we get through it.

Onwards will hopefully mean upwards.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bad Kitties!

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The opening week of the EPIHL is usually a pretty solid affair for Phoenix.  Usually there are four points in the bag and the usual WOTR loss (the what?) is behind us.

This weekend was a cracking demonstration that this league is getting tougher and that Wildcats will not be anyone's whipping-boy this year.

As benches were cleared and sticks were used as weapons by people who should know better in some of the more southern rinks, Phoenix had two solid games of hockey in Bracknell - where the two points were successfully nabbed - and then at the Ice Dome where those bad kitties managed to hold us to a point.

Nevertheless, the potential in this Phoenix side is clear.  This is the first weekend and people will be wanting results from the very start but mark our words: Phoenix is rising.

On this week's show, we start the season with a post-weekend chat with the Phoenix Captain of some 6 years, Luke Boothroyd.  We talk about the season to come, the opening weekend, the opposition and what he has been up to off the ice.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dogs' Own County - War Of The Roses

The first episode of the series is right here.

Welcome to all of you.  We are pleased to have made it through the hockey-desert that was the summer and to find some excitement on the other side.

Of course, you will have heard that the WOTR was not quite everything we had hoped for (again) this year but it was a chance to see the new boys in action and to see how the bits of Tony Hand's 2014/15 roster fit together.

Of course, the Podcast Team are all back and waiting to ride this rollercoaster with you.  All your favourites (and the odd extra one) are with us and so is Disclaimer Bot.

A big thanks to Peter Bradbury (Below Average Sportcast) and Stuart Kilburn (Openshadow) for the off season content.

Now, let's put this weekend behind us and move on....

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