Sunday, 13 July 2014

To Hell and Back - Sledge Special 2

Listen to this Sledge Special right here.

With the Phoenix playing their second Planet Ice Sledge Hockey game at home this season, we sent once again the Master's Apprentice in Peter Bradbury from the BELOW AVERAGE SPORTSCAST on the case, to see if the Phoenix could get revenge on the Cardiff Devils after they beat the Manchester side 5-2 down in the Valleys last weekend.
The game was brutal, exciting and barn-burning for the spectators and an equally physically and gruelling game for the players.  

Goals, hits, bit of controversy and two well-matched teams giving it as good as they got!
Interviews this week are with Anthony Booth of the Phoenix and MOTM; plus Devil`s Russell Willey to which was his homecoming for him, and Phoenix coach Pete Hagan. Feeding