Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Production Line

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A few games to talk about this week.  Firstly, the Telford Tigers away jaunt was probably one of the best games the Phoenix have seen this season.

Next up was the rather less glorious away trip to Basingstoke.  It didn't end well and there were lessons to learn.

Finally, the Sunday night visit of the Bracknell Bees.  An altogether quieter affair but with two goals conceded to a considerably weaker side (missing Galazzi and Wiggins), still some lessons to learn, maybe?

All of that gets chewed over by the Podcast team and we are joined by James Neil to have a chat about the shape of things to come.

Enjoy and please spread the show around to as many hockey friends as you like.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fens Phantoms Fail

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After a rocky run of late, this was a must-win for the boys and it was clear from the offset that they were in no mood to let the Phantoms fix their form at Altrincham Ice Dome.

It was a game that felt a little tepid at times but there were moments of excitement and tempers flared at times as old scores were at the forefront of players' minds.

Talking of tempers, we caught up with Ben Wood at the end of the show to talk about his behaviour or late and whether he is turning into a reprobate and ruffian.  He swears that he isn't.  We are not convinced.

In any event, the usual levels of expert punditry, snark and inaccuracy are brought to you this week by a sense of fair play and admiration for Russian goal-moorings.

Friday, 14 February 2014

The So-What Sweepstake

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The second of the midweek shows for the Cup semi-finals is here and it was certainly one with a variety of surprises, twists, turns and tantrums.  And that was just in the car park.

The Lightning go on to face the Bison in the final and the Phoenix are out of the running for the treble.

Well done MK.  Well done.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Knew That Wood Happen

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It was never going to be a pleasant Sunday game with the Dogs visiting Altrincham and they were on their usual form.  Kudos to Mr Sedlar though. He was immense in the net for the Steeldogs and he faced a lot of rubber from frustrated Phoenix forwards.

Still, this bitted pill is sweetened slightly by the two points taken from the Flames on Saturday.  And the results around the league on Sunday.

Onwards and upwards, it seems.  MKL visit the Dome on Thursday night with a cup-final in their sights.  They know how close they came to nailing Phoenix on Wednesday last and they will not want to have a re-run of that final period.

Make your way to the Dome for this exciting and gritty fixture and forget about the night the pooches came to town and made a mess on the carpet.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Not Live From Coventry!

Part One of the EPL Cup Semi-Final

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What began with a slow period of two great teams sizing each other up transitioned into a second period of testy play and grit.

Then disaster struck in the third.  The Phoenix D collapsed like a flan in a cupboard and MK punished the lads.  But, they weren't able to retain the three-goal advantage as Phoenix mugged them of it in the dying minutes of the game.

To hear the Phoenix travelling fans singing The Great Escape during the MOM announcement for their lads was hardly surprising!

To see the faces of an exhausted MK was almost heartbreaking.  But it was them or us.  And it was them.  So not that heartbreaking!

The show also features the welcome return of MK Rob and Harry.  Welcome back, boys!

So, it's all to play for in Altrincham.  Who will be facing Bison in the final?

Sunday, 2 February 2014

No Points in Complainin'

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A zero-point weekend is never a good thing and when two of the potential points go to Sheffield, nobody in Manchester is going to be thrilled.  But this is a partisan business.  That's what team sports are.  As such, people are going to have a good old grumble.

It was a case of two bad nights at the office for Phoenix.  No matter how many times the Phoenix pushed up to take their shots of Sedlar and then Ryan, they could not get the lanes, bounces or luck.

These things happen and Phoenix remain top of the table but it is getting crowded up there.

Three games per week for a little while now and the team are feeling the strain so let us move on and, when Sheffield visit on Sunday next, the boys will be ready.

This week we have a chat with Adam Walker (who we haven't spoken to in quite a while!) and birthday boy James Neil.