Sunday, 26 January 2014

Joe Graham and the Bolt from the Blue

That was a rollercoaster and a half!  Putting aside the fact that the whole rink winced when Joe Graham was the hundredth player up to take a penalty in the shootout (including Joe apparently), the first period was not our boys' finest hour and MK were on the sort of defensive form that wins games.

The second period was an ill-tempered affair and Phoenix did well to keep their heads and stay out of serious trouble.

The third was a forceful strike back by the Phoenix and MK challenged all the way.

The moment the equaliser appeared, it was pretty clear where this would end, and it did.

Joe "The Saviour" Graham joins us for a chat at the end of the show and tells us about facing Telford next weekend.

Enjoy the show.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Jets Bomb

Come and have a listen to the show right here.

On a weekend when the Flames and Lightning were well and truly served by lower-placed teams, there was every chance that the Jets might land at the Dome and fly home with two points.

No such luck for the home of the friendly bombs though as even their top-flight netminder couldn't stop a determined Mr Psurny from nearly making it a double hattrick.

Even picking up a goal that, according to the podcast pundits, defied the law of physics and temporal mechanics was not enough to make the Phoenix ponder the safety of fortress Ice Dome.

The player interviews return this week and who better to start with than Andy McKinney who talks to us about the forthcoming clashes with the Lightning and how fighting can be tiring.

Enjoy the show and we'll be back with you next week.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bison Beaten

Have a listen right here.
Ben's back this week and things are back to normal.  Well, except that Phoenix are picking up two points out of two game weekends.  MKL are a problem for the Phoenix when on the road.  It is troublesome but then games against the Bison can be a problem too.

So a weekend featuring both teams are more likely to be two-pointers than four.  No shock that that's exactly how it went too.

Neil Morris joins us on the show this week to have a chat about how things are and what the road game wobbles are about.

Slough Jets at our rink next week.  They should be an easy mark but, even in their present state, they can still cause upsets.

Let us see where this goes.  It's nearly Cup time too.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Curse of Coventry

Take as a listen here as Nigel stands in again for the still unwell Ben.

This week saw a trip to Coventry, which we would all like to forget, to play the MK Lightning.  Things did not go the Phoenix way at all but it still left Phoenix with 4 points to aim at for the weekend.

It's hardly surprising that the loss of the Phoenix starting netminder to illness, Jorge having given it the heave-ho earlier in the week, and the back-up stepping in at the last second from the Minotaurs, left the Phoenix playing severely defensive road-game hockey and that's what they did but MK are just too good for that.

Jaroslav Cesky stepping in as injury cover for Bakrlik certainly helped but it wasn't enough to pick up the first 2 points of the weekend from Bison.

Then, at the Dome on Sunday, the first period was a cause of some slight concern but it was a decisive win in the end and two points were salvaged.

Lots of upsets elsewhere in the league too.  That Telford game is getting closer...... can you smell it?

Of course, if one does the maths, two teams are now out of the running for a trip to Coventry for the big old jamboree in April...

Friday, 3 January 2014

A Ghost of a Chance

Find this week's show right here.

Ben is off with the lurgy and so the really rather splendid Nigel McFarlane has stepped-up to bring you a short version of the show this week.

It may not have been the best of games but those points look kinda fine now, writing this after the MK road game that followed but that's hockey for you.

No winter classic here but Nigel covers it rather well and, of course, we know that some of the women of a certain age in our audience, do quite enjoy listening to his silky tones.

Thanks Nigel!

p.s. - this would have been available days ago but I was genuinely stuck in bed - Ben