Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tepid Tempest

A tiring weekend is guaranteed when you face the Flames at the Spectrum and then the Lightning at the Dome.

As much as the controversial goings-on down in Guildford were disappointing for the Faithful, the home win with both sides running on near empty was an odd experience.  Lots of moments where either side might have erupted on any other night but, on this occasion, both sides looked as though they needed the time to tick and the result to get posted.  So, running to a penalty shootout is hardly what either side wanted.

All of that with Stephen Fone getting injured and with an absent Walker and Neil, everyone will be needing their sleep after this one.

We'll admit, this is not the episode we'll be submitting to the Sonys (or RAAs as they are now) but bear with us.

And anyway, this show is the first time we have Bobby Chamberlain on with us!  Enjoy and listen right here.

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