Sunday, 28 September 2014

Four Points For Rick

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As birthday boy Stuart Kilburn and gardening god Dave Ireland stand-in again for a frankly malingering Ben Knight, this weekend brought both joy and sadness for the Phoenix Faithful and the assembled masses at the Ice Dome.

A great away result against the squatting MK Lightning with injuries piling-up already brought a triumphant (though very tired) Phoenix squad back to Altrincham for Sunday.

Before the home game, a minute of silent observation for Rick, who passed-away this week.  The Podcast will miss him at the Windmill on playoff weekends, for sure.

Buoyed by a dedicated Faithful and some counter-stacked odds, the Phoenix flew it home on a wing and a prayer on Sunday night and, although injuries continue to plague the start of this season, Phoenix are far from caving.

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