Monday, 7 April 2014

Playoffs Live 2014! - Sunday 6th April

It's day 2 and we're all feeling a little the worse for wear at the start of this show.

You can have a listen right here.

We have a serious discussion about the future of the EPL, both in terms of the teams and the officials.

There is Rumour Mill activity and a pick over the semi-finals.

Then attention turns towards the matter of the impending final between Basingstoke Bison and Manchester Phoenix.

As always at playoff time, we don't just have the Phoenix fans and crew, we are joined by Joe (Swindon), Anthony (Bison), Rob (MK) and Arron (Flames).

Coming up fairly soon, we'll bring you a little extra show featuring the post-game interviews with the likes of Stephen Fone, James Neil, Ben Wood, Liam Chong
and Jacob Corson-Heron.

Also, in this week's show, the music you heard was from:
William and Victoria
Dubbul O (produced by Pro P)
A Minor Apocalypse
Stephen Ovington

Catch you when the hangover wears-off!

Ben (and all of the huge podcast team!)

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