Sunday, 6 April 2014

Playoffs Live 2014! - Saturday 5th April

If you missed the show live or just want to re-live the run-up to the first day of the hockeyfest in Coventry, just check it out right here.

This show features:
- Neil Morris filling us in on the rumours and telling us what our odds are for the semi-final!
- The 2014 Quiz!
- The team-by-team review for Slough, Peterborough, Bracknell, Sheffield and Telford.

We also have music from The GD, Mohawk Radio and zerostatemusic.

Thanks to all the team and our guests including Dan Breen, Anthony Russell and Joe Scutts.

Will we manage a Sunday show, given that I am typing this at 1.38am and have slept for three hours in the last 48 hours?

Only time will tell!


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