Sunday, 30 March 2014

We Bee Going To Coventry

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Well, not content with being winning the League, those little upstarts have swatted the Bees and have secured their spot in the hockey jamboree next weekend!

The Bees are a persistent lot and, whilst many were anticipating a goal deficit or maybe a draw on the away leg, most were predicting a win.

The Bees put up the sort of fight that kept people guessing throughout though and it was not settled until the last 10 minutes of the 120 minutes.  That, ladies and gentlement, is what playoff hockey is made of.

So, the time for the road tip of the year is upon us and we'll be facing the Swindon Wildcats on the Saturday.  That's no easy ask, especially after they knocked-out the MK boys on their "home" ice.  It is, really in every sense, on.

And what of the podcast?

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