Sunday, 2 March 2014

3 Games, 6 Points

Listen to the show right here.

There's not much you can say when your team has played 3 games across 3 days and has won them all.  That's some ask, especially at this point in the season.

The League title is tantalisingly close and only Bison can really stop the Phoenix lifting the Cup.  Things are looking good for the playoffs too.

In short, there's everything to play for and there's no better motivator than that.

This week's battles are here, summed-up in 38 minutes.

Also, Stuart tries his hand at producing...

Saturday night will see Phoenix dealing with the Flames (after a tough away stint in Peterborough).  Then the new kid with the cool trainers will be attempting to get revenge against Phoenix on the Sunday night away jaunt to Telford.

Finally, congrats to Jacob Corson-Heron for his MOM award tonight :-)

Enjoy the show!

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