Friday, 7 February 2014

Not Live From Coventry!

Part One of the EPL Cup Semi-Final

Have a listen right here.

What began with a slow period of two great teams sizing each other up transitioned into a second period of testy play and grit.

Then disaster struck in the third.  The Phoenix D collapsed like a flan in a cupboard and MK punished the lads.  But, they weren't able to retain the three-goal advantage as Phoenix mugged them of it in the dying minutes of the game.

To hear the Phoenix travelling fans singing The Great Escape during the MOM announcement for their lads was hardly surprising!

To see the faces of an exhausted MK was almost heartbreaking.  But it was them or us.  And it was them.  So not that heartbreaking!

The show also features the welcome return of MK Rob and Harry.  Welcome back, boys!

So, it's all to play for in Altrincham.  Who will be facing Bison in the final?

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