Sunday, 9 February 2014

Knew That Wood Happen

Have a listen right here.

It was never going to be a pleasant Sunday game with the Dogs visiting Altrincham and they were on their usual form.  Kudos to Mr Sedlar though. He was immense in the net for the Steeldogs and he faced a lot of rubber from frustrated Phoenix forwards.

Still, this bitted pill is sweetened slightly by the two points taken from the Flames on Saturday.  And the results around the league on Sunday.

Onwards and upwards, it seems.  MKL visit the Dome on Thursday night with a cup-final in their sights.  They know how close they came to nailing Phoenix on Wednesday last and they will not want to have a re-run of that final period.

Make your way to the Dome for this exciting and gritty fixture and forget about the night the pooches came to town and made a mess on the carpet.

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