Monday, 6 January 2014

Curse of Coventry

Take as a listen here as Nigel stands in again for the still unwell Ben.

This week saw a trip to Coventry, which we would all like to forget, to play the MK Lightning.  Things did not go the Phoenix way at all but it still left Phoenix with 4 points to aim at for the weekend.

It's hardly surprising that the loss of the Phoenix starting netminder to illness, Jorge having given it the heave-ho earlier in the week, and the back-up stepping in at the last second from the Minotaurs, left the Phoenix playing severely defensive road-game hockey and that's what they did but MK are just too good for that.

Jaroslav Cesky stepping in as injury cover for Bakrlik certainly helped but it wasn't enough to pick up the first 2 points of the weekend from Bison.

Then, at the Dome on Sunday, the first period was a cause of some slight concern but it was a decisive win in the end and two points were salvaged.

Lots of upsets elsewhere in the league too.  That Telford game is getting closer...... can you smell it?

Of course, if one does the maths, two teams are now out of the running for a trip to Coventry for the big old jamboree in April...

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