Sunday, 1 December 2013

Psurny Miss-Bee-Hives!

Have a listen right here.

A two-point weekend for the Phoenix as the head-to-head weekend against the Bees really takes its toll on the lads.

We all knew that the plucky southerners have it in them to upset teams much higher in the table and they certainly put up a challenge this weekend.

It's clearly not the end of the world as the Flames got a pasting from the Bison too but Michal Psurny is feeling the frustration of not being able to work his magic on the opposition net.  In his post-match interview from Saturday, his command of the English language demonstrates his irritation at struggling only to find the back of the net once that night.  Of course, he did strike it lucky on Sunday to provide the second of the meagre two goals that went Phoenix's way at the Hive, too.

We're also pleased to announce the return of Nigel McFarlane to this week's show and also the addition, for this week, of Swindon Wildcats fan, Joe Scutts.

Enjoy the show!

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