Sunday, 24 November 2013

Not So Basingstoke-d with The Result, Are They?

Have a listen right here.

Another game that Phoenix fans were hoping would not be the banana-skin to let the top slot slip away, this week.

Most Phoenix fans know that Bison can be the bete-noir of our boys and were anticipating a narrow win or a narrow loss on Sunday at the Dome.

As it happened, it was a result that nobody saw coming especially with Basingtoke on form recently.

This week's show features a guest disclaimer from Bison media bod and friend of the show, Anthony Russell of Banners on the Wall.  Thanks to him!

No player interview this week as Ben is still suffering from a cold and doesn't want to pass on the germs to any of our lads at this important time in the season.

We hope you enjoy the show. Why not get in touch?

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