Sunday, 22 September 2013

Watt No Win For Jets?

The Slough Jets are a good team.  They have been for years.  They have their ups and downs, for sure, but they are an impressive side this season.

Missing Ryan Watt was perhaps a bit of a problem for the Jets this weekend though and there was a further problem for them when Mr Rockman was not able to ice due to injury on the Sunday night's game.

That said, Phoenix ran them all over the place on Saturday night and for most of the game on Sunday.  A tough team to beat under Slava's watchful coaching and with a back-up netminder who was no easy mark in Danny Milton.

A good result for Phoenix who are 4 for 4 and are sitting on top of the league table with a perfect 8 points.

An interesting weekend around the EPL as the Steeldogs nearly beat the Flames but were pipped after Andre Payette got the boot with 10 minutes remaining.  More Corey Nielson hockey!

Anyway, enjoy the show and we'll catch you next weekend against Swindon and Peterborough.

Listen to the show here.

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