Sunday, 17 March 2013

Putting the Boots In

That was an interesting weekend.

Luke Boothroyd is on tonight's show talking about the 8-2 loss in Telford and the 3-2 win at home.  He shares a few insights with us about having a calm head and about his playoffs hopes.

There's a bleep or two in tonight's coverage but this is not unusual when the Dogs are in town.  A fair old bit of excitement at the Dome in a game that saw Duncombe bottle a fight with Schnabel, Jazzy get hustled by, no prizes for guessing, Greg Wood, and Phoenix grind out a win despite having a side minus two imports, its starting netminder and Andy McKinney when he got the heave-ho for allegedly kicking.  

You know.  The usual.

It is definitely time for the Dogs to be playing for their contracts and everyone's favourite panto villain, Andre Payette, was handily nestled amongst the Phoenix fans in Block 10 to watch.

Enjoy the show.  There'll probably be more of the same following next Friday's game and the revenge match against Telford on Sunday.

Find the show HERE.

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