Sunday, 24 March 2013

McKenzie Frenzy

Okay, well it wasn't really a McKenzie Frenzy but it seemed like too good a title to miss and it was better than Tigers Claw Their Way Back or something.  (NB: this is written before the club's news release so apologies if that's what they went for!)

Anyway, the Tigers had the strongest start to the third period that we have seen in a long time.  They came out with a good game throughout and it was an exciting game for a four-fifths full Ice Dome to witness.

Tigers have improved towards the tail-end (sorry) of the season and Scott McKenzie really is their talisman player.  Declan Ryan is a great netminder and he does them proud.  Maybe next season will be their time to shine.

As for the Phoenix, playing with three Metros lads, including Dickenson who scored tonight, and missing Ondrej and James, they did well and kept a tight game for two periods.  That blast of goals at the start of the third didn't destroy them but it means that they are not starting from the same mental place against the Bees in the quarter-finals as they should be.

It's playoff time, folks.  Looking forward to it?

If you are coming to the live shows (or just if you fancy some playoff clothing), get along to this site and buy yourself a custom-designed t-shirt for the event.

See you in Bees country.

The show is right here.

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