Sunday, 10 March 2013

Andy McKinney Makes Pick Look A Ninny

Andy McKinney finally gets to drop his gloves before a sell-out crowd at the Ice Dome tonight.  He's a happy boy.  Got a bit of a potty mouth as a result too.  The naughty boy.

Anyway, the Phantoms came with a plan to play as a team.  Everything going forward.  Everything going backwards.  It was all or nothing for them and it turned out to be next to nothing in the end.

Phoenix played a busy game.  Phantoms were determined to disrupt every play but that left them lacking on the attack.  The result was a bit of a strange game.  Thoroughly enjoyable but a little lacking in style at times.

Still, some good news tonight was that Telford beat the Steelpups so that's them out of the playoffs, then.

Here's the show.

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