Sunday, 17 February 2013

Phoenix Liews to Flames

Yes, we chat about "that" article tonight.  Well, I provide a summary of it; we all have a bit of a grumble about it and about the more bizarre of the responses to it and then we move on.

If you want to read it and can stomach reading anything on the Telegraph website, it's here.

Moving on to the ice hockey, it was a freak goal that put an end to an otherwise good game that had OT written all over it.  Jorge will watch that back a hundred times and still not believe it.  I'm guessing that it is already on YouTube so I won't bore you with writing it up here.  Listen to the show and watch Phoenix TV. Then cry a bit.

Feisty and scrappy at times, this match showed how much Phoenix wanted to claw back up to the top two and how much Guildford would play through the pain to stop them.

It's the Flames again on Wednesday night (away) and then a tough tie against the Jets on Saturday before we head back to the Dome.  Lets hope for happier things this time next week.

Find the episode right here.

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