Sunday, 3 February 2013

Jets Shot Down

On the back of a couple of undesired results this week, it was a great pleasure to see the Phoenix win so convincingly at home on Sunday.  The Jets were hurting after a defeat at the hands (or paws) of the Tigers on Saturday but Phoenix were even more driven by the result against the Wildcats on the same night.

The game was a mixed bag for the first period and, in fact, the first half but then Phoenix flew away with a total of 7 goals past Rockman.

Jorge El-Hage, having taken a bit of a hammering in the last week, stood up well to the opposition whilst Steve Fone and Joachim Flaten were still out, injured.

James Neil joined us for a chat at the end of the game.  We haven't heard from him in a little while so it was nice to catch him upbeat and feeling positive about the way things are going.

Of course, James had cause to be happy.  Not just because of his birthday trip to see the likes of Josh Ward and Robert Lachowicz this week but also because tonight's results yielded defeats for both Bison and the Flames.  Nothing is over quite yet....

Next week is two road games so there may or may not be a podcast, depending upon work and the like but, come what may, we'll all be cheering our boys on from wherever we may be.

We'll talk in your ears again soon....

Find this week's episode right HERE.

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