Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Joke for Andy McKinney

Not many thought that the Phantoms would take two points from Phoenix at the Ice Dome but it came to pass this weekend.

Was it the lack of Steve Fone?  Was it the fact that Peterborough had a day off yesterday whilst Phoenix faced the Bison on the road?  Could it have been the ice or even the curse of the podcast?

Who knows?

What we do know is that Andy McKinney has now promised us four points from next week's Bees double-header.  Let us all drink (responsibly) to that!

Find this week's show right here.


  1. Can't put it down to the fact Steve Fone wasn't iced. El-Hage did brilliantly even when Phoenix only had 3 men on the ice at one point. Can't always be perfect can they. There's always next week.