Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Present Delivered

Listen here.

Top of the League; three games in hand; home advantage for the Cup and a shut-out for Stephen Fone before a sell-out crowd.

The boys certainly delivered.

I'm going to leave it at that but for saying Happy Christmas to you all.

Ben and the team

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Lightning Under The Weather

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Phoenix go top again after a four-point weekend whilst the Flames suffer a loss against Bison.  Anthony Russell will be happy!

On this week's show, we talk about the changes at Telford as well as elsewhere in the League.  Telford are certainly turning some heads but will it be enough to put them in contention for any silverware this season?

We catch-up with Patrick Smyth of A View From The Bridge podcast.

We have a chat with Joe Graham about what he intends to do with his time off this week as Phoenix are now on a break for a couple of weeks and how he's happy that James Neil won the Man of the Match award this Sunday.

All of that plus period-by-period commentary on a slightly controversial but very packed game at the Ice Dome.

Now go and get that Christmas shopping done, you layabouts!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Psurny Miss-Bee-Hives!

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A two-point weekend for the Phoenix as the head-to-head weekend against the Bees really takes its toll on the lads.

We all knew that the plucky southerners have it in them to upset teams much higher in the table and they certainly put up a challenge this weekend.

It's clearly not the end of the world as the Flames got a pasting from the Bison too but Michal Psurny is feeling the frustration of not being able to work his magic on the opposition net.  In his post-match interview from Saturday, his command of the English language demonstrates his irritation at struggling only to find the back of the net once that night.  Of course, he did strike it lucky on Sunday to provide the second of the meagre two goals that went Phoenix's way at the Hive, too.

We're also pleased to announce the return of Nigel McFarlane to this week's show and also the addition, for this week, of Swindon Wildcats fan, Joe Scutts.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Not So Basingstoke-d with The Result, Are They?

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Another game that Phoenix fans were hoping would not be the banana-skin to let the top slot slip away, this week.

Most Phoenix fans know that Bison can be the bete-noir of our boys and were anticipating a narrow win or a narrow loss on Sunday at the Dome.

As it happened, it was a result that nobody saw coming especially with Basingtoke on form recently.

This week's show features a guest disclaimer from Bison media bod and friend of the show, Anthony Russell of Banners on the Wall.  Thanks to him!

No player interview this week as Ben is still suffering from a cold and doesn't want to pass on the germs to any of our lads at this important time in the season.

We hope you enjoy the show. Why not get in touch?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Tough Weekend

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Two points out of a weekend featuring an away game to the Flames isn't bad, for sure.

After being run pretty close by those pesky Wildcats on Saturday, the Phoenix jumped on the bus to the Spectrum and fought hard.

Sadly, a good streak for the Flames in the third period put the game just beyond the boys' reach and the Flames took the victory.

Never mind though.  Phoenix still have a game in hand and so the Flames have not got away and the space beneath has opened up slightly too.

So, onwards and upwards.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sheffield Ship Six

It was time for Sheffield to try and shake the Phoenix-shaped monkey off their back.

It was time for Andre's bet with Tambo to be paid.  And glorious it was too.

It was time for Phoenix to nail the third game of their series with the pups.  And they did.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Going For The Jokila!

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What a weekend of hockey it was!  Down in Sheffield, where this week's show begins, we saw a game of hockey that few were expecting.  Of course, the result of it is two points for Phoenix and Payette being forced to wear a Phoenix jersey for a week....

James Neil will survive his crunch with Hirst but he's going to be sore for a while.

Then Sunday saw the first visit of MK Lightning to the Dome.

It was a tough, fast and physical game from the face-off and featured a bit of everything: goals, impressive saves, scrapping and a full-on line brawl.  It never rains but it pours with this particular visiting storm.

Anyway, for all the fun of the rollercoaster weekend and to hear how Phoenix are still sitting atop the league, get this show in your ears.

Catch you next week.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

To the Buzzer!

What a tight weekend double-header that was!

Phoenix got stung on the away leg and it went to the wire on Sunday night.

Lots of grumbles being heard from both sides on the subject of the officiating so take it as read that the disclaimer applies to this show, please.

Whatever way you look at it, these were hard-fought games and neither side wanted to give an inch.

So tired just from watching that I am just going to say this: Listen right here!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Cat O'Five Tails (or "Felix Feles")

Ben's away and so it's this week's show is presented by none other than Peter Bradbury off of from The Below Average Sports Cast!

What a week for a holiday too!  He got to miss the first big road-bump weekend of the season as Phoenix went down in a blaze of glory in Basingstoke and then got clawed by the normally less-than-ferocious kitties from Telford.

Controversy abound as the stripeys were taken to task by a busy Ice Dome for two calls that will be talked about for some time to come.

But hey.  It's not all bad.  The Flames lost!

Please excuse the sound quality in the interview with Ben Wood.  Emily must have angered the hockey and tech gods this week!

Ben's back next week.  Take a deep breath, y'all.  We'll bounce right back.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Not In Our Barn, You Don't!

Phoenix get clear at the number one spot after a weekend of gruelling hockey against a deep-benched Guildford Flames.

After dropping two points down south on the Saturday, Phoenix were in no mood to tolerate getting turned-over at Fortress Ice Dome on Sunday.

After a slightly worrying first period where the Flames seemed to take the initiative, Phoenix bounced right back in the second period and hammered the win home in the third.

After an exhausting game, we are joined by Joe Graham to talk lasagne and injuries.

Enjoy the show, folks!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Phoenix Decommission the Jets

It's getting a bit silly, isn't it?

Slough were not bad. It's true.  They just had nothing to combat an on form Phoenix.

Goals from all over and a defence that left Foney with little to do.  But even what he had left to do, he did well.

Flames double-header next weekend.  Are they ready?

Have a listen right here.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Not a Ghost of a Chance!

Phoenix are still riding high at the top of the league table after this weekend.  A clinical road game against the Wildcats and then a home game where the scoreboard tipped into double figures again!

So, some may talk about a team putting 11 past a young(ish) netminder, especially for the second weekend in a row.  I say this.  Firstly, I don't recall Peterborough taking it easy on young Jorge last season when Phoenix were well and truly beaten.  Secondly, no other team in the league takes it easy in those circumstances.  Thirdly, it's a sport.  It is unsporting to wind it in in a league where goal difference is relevant.  Or at all for that matter.  How patronising is that to young talent?

Rant over.

Shut outs a-go-go and we look forward to Peterborough returning to have another pop at us.  We'll be waiting.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Watt No Win For Jets?

The Slough Jets are a good team.  They have been for years.  They have their ups and downs, for sure, but they are an impressive side this season.

Missing Ryan Watt was perhaps a bit of a problem for the Jets this weekend though and there was a further problem for them when Mr Rockman was not able to ice due to injury on the Sunday night's game.

That said, Phoenix ran them all over the place on Saturday night and for most of the game on Sunday.  A tough team to beat under Slava's watchful coaching and with a back-up netminder who was no easy mark in Danny Milton.

A good result for Phoenix who are 4 for 4 and are sitting on top of the league table with a perfect 8 points.

An interesting weekend around the EPL as the Steeldogs nearly beat the Flames but were pipped after Andre Payette got the boot with 10 minutes remaining.  More Corey Nielson hockey!

Anyway, enjoy the show and we'll catch you next weekend against Swindon and Peterborough.

Listen to the show here.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Goals, Groins and Goalies!

Wellerty, wellerty, wellerty!

Sheffield were minus their mascot ("Soft Wood") and Sedlar pulled something when Hirst put him in a tricky spot whereby he both zigged and zagged at the same time.  It looked painful.

Phoenix took a little while to find their flow on the attack but, boy did they find it in the end!

I hope you enjoy the show and like the season intro.  Please spread the word about the podcast and get your mates listening.

Also, please enjoy the photo I posted of the scoreboard.  I feel a new phone wallpaper coming on.

Listen here.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Old Dogs, New Tricks?

Welcome to series six of the Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast!

Well, actually, series six starts next week.  This is the War of the Roses special episode covering the pre-season series against those naughty pups from over t'hill.

The team are back and geared-up to give you another season of coverage of your super-soar-away Phoenix.  You can, of course, expect the level of punditry and professionalism you know and love.

We'll be back in your eye-holes next weekend.  For now, follow the rollercoaster of this cup tie and feel happy for Sheffield...  About time somebody from the City of Steel won something, eh?

Listen here.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Better late than never... it's the Phoenix Podcast Live final show from Coventry 2013!

Hangover has just about cleared and the 2013/14 shirt launch is nearly upon us so what better time to get a full 2 hours and 5 seconds of Playoffs Live from Coventry?

Well, ok, so a better time might have been a couple of months ago but I was tired. The Saturday show is available still on Spreaker but the sound in the offline recording is not really of podcast quality and we fell off air a few times so instead here's the show featuring Neil Morris saying naughty words, Anthony Russell making predictions, James Neil, Carl Graham and Dwight Parrish. Oh, yeah. That and tremendous Phoenix win!

 Listen right here.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bees Displease But Phoenix Proceeds

I'm keeping the shownotes to the minimum in favour of actually getting the show up quickly.

It's Coventry time next week. I will post in this feed all of the details to let you come and join us or to listen LIVE on Saturday and Sunday via the internet.

James Neil shares insight into that push to Spearing and he gives us his predictions for the weekend ahead. 

Find this week's show here.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

McKenzie Frenzy

Okay, well it wasn't really a McKenzie Frenzy but it seemed like too good a title to miss and it was better than Tigers Claw Their Way Back or something.  (NB: this is written before the club's news release so apologies if that's what they went for!)

Anyway, the Tigers had the strongest start to the third period that we have seen in a long time.  They came out with a good game throughout and it was an exciting game for a four-fifths full Ice Dome to witness.

Tigers have improved towards the tail-end (sorry) of the season and Scott McKenzie really is their talisman player.  Declan Ryan is a great netminder and he does them proud.  Maybe next season will be their time to shine.

As for the Phoenix, playing with three Metros lads, including Dickenson who scored tonight, and missing Ondrej and James, they did well and kept a tight game for two periods.  That blast of goals at the start of the third didn't destroy them but it means that they are not starting from the same mental place against the Bees in the quarter-finals as they should be.

It's playoff time, folks.  Looking forward to it?

If you are coming to the live shows (or just if you fancy some playoff clothing), get along to this site and buy yourself a custom-designed t-shirt for the event.

See you in Bees country.

The show is right here.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Putting the Boots In

That was an interesting weekend.

Luke Boothroyd is on tonight's show talking about the 8-2 loss in Telford and the 3-2 win at home.  He shares a few insights with us about having a calm head and about his playoffs hopes.

There's a bleep or two in tonight's coverage but this is not unusual when the Dogs are in town.  A fair old bit of excitement at the Dome in a game that saw Duncombe bottle a fight with Schnabel, Jazzy get hustled by, no prizes for guessing, Greg Wood, and Phoenix grind out a win despite having a side minus two imports, its starting netminder and Andy McKinney when he got the heave-ho for allegedly kicking.  

You know.  The usual.

It is definitely time for the Dogs to be playing for their contracts and everyone's favourite panto villain, Andre Payette, was handily nestled amongst the Phoenix fans in Block 10 to watch.

Enjoy the show.  There'll probably be more of the same following next Friday's game and the revenge match against Telford on Sunday.

Find the show HERE.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Andy McKinney Makes Pick Look A Ninny

Andy McKinney finally gets to drop his gloves before a sell-out crowd at the Ice Dome tonight.  He's a happy boy.  Got a bit of a potty mouth as a result too.  The naughty boy.

Anyway, the Phantoms came with a plan to play as a team.  Everything going forward.  Everything going backwards.  It was all or nothing for them and it turned out to be next to nothing in the end.

Phoenix played a busy game.  Phantoms were determined to disrupt every play but that left them lacking on the attack.  The result was a bit of a strange game.  Thoroughly enjoyable but a little lacking in style at times.

Still, some good news tonight was that Telford beat the Steelpups so that's them out of the playoffs, then.

Here's the show.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Checks and Chong

This is a double episode, folks.  Get comfortable.

What a weekend it has been!

The Flames game was edge-of-your-seat stuff and some excellent hockey was on display as these two powerhouses of British ice-hockey put their best feet forward.

A great win on the night for Phoenix but just two goals short of the win on aggregate.  Shame really as I reckon we could have had the Jets in the Final!

Sunday night saw the first actual, full-on, proper sell-out of the Phoenix's decade.  It was packed.  It was loud.  It was lacking the odd working vending machine but it was quite a spectacle.

The first period of the game was fast and furious albeit with a lot of board action going on.  The second was all about the goals, which were stunning.

The final period was spent watching Stevie Lyle fall apart.  I know that will have brought a smile to a few Phoenix faces as Phoenix have lost the other five games in the series against the Bison.

Also, we finally caught-up with Liam Chong! He talks playoffs and being focused on the game.
See you on Saturday, folks.

The episode is right here.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cats, Wood and all that Jazzy

A bit of a strange show this week.  I think the cold wind in the car park got to us a little bit.

Anyway, the Cats were dispatched by a hard-battling Phoenix side.  They weren't too pleased about it either.

Hoog was shut down for the most part and young Andrew did a good job in between the pipes for Phoenix. Nell and Perkkio did their best to rain on the Phoenix parade but it was all for nought as Phoenxi prevailed and took their first four-point weekend for a little while.

All of that and the Flames did their bit to keep the Jets from breathing down the Phoenix necks for a little while longer.

The show is right here.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Phoenix Liews to Flames

Yes, we chat about "that" article tonight.  Well, I provide a summary of it; we all have a bit of a grumble about it and about the more bizarre of the responses to it and then we move on.

If you want to read it and can stomach reading anything on the Telegraph website, it's here.

Moving on to the ice hockey, it was a freak goal that put an end to an otherwise good game that had OT written all over it.  Jorge will watch that back a hundred times and still not believe it.  I'm guessing that it is already on YouTube so I won't bore you with writing it up here.  Listen to the show and watch Phoenix TV. Then cry a bit.

Feisty and scrappy at times, this match showed how much Phoenix wanted to claw back up to the top two and how much Guildford would play through the pain to stop them.

It's the Flames again on Wednesday night (away) and then a tough tie against the Jets on Saturday before we head back to the Dome.  Lets hope for happier things this time next week.

Find the episode right here.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Jets Shot Down

On the back of a couple of undesired results this week, it was a great pleasure to see the Phoenix win so convincingly at home on Sunday.  The Jets were hurting after a defeat at the hands (or paws) of the Tigers on Saturday but Phoenix were even more driven by the result against the Wildcats on the same night.

The game was a mixed bag for the first period and, in fact, the first half but then Phoenix flew away with a total of 7 goals past Rockman.

Jorge El-Hage, having taken a bit of a hammering in the last week, stood up well to the opposition whilst Steve Fone and Joachim Flaten were still out, injured.

James Neil joined us for a chat at the end of the game.  We haven't heard from him in a little while so it was nice to catch him upbeat and feeling positive about the way things are going.

Of course, James had cause to be happy.  Not just because of his birthday trip to see the likes of Josh Ward and Robert Lachowicz this week but also because tonight's results yielded defeats for both Bison and the Flames.  Nothing is over quite yet....

Next week is two road games so there may or may not be a podcast, depending upon work and the like but, come what may, we'll all be cheering our boys on from wherever we may be.

We'll talk in your ears again soon....

Find this week's episode right HERE.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Buzzed Off

As Ben gets a relapse of the dreaded lurgy, it's Peter's turn to step up and host the podcast.

This weekend, Phoenix suffered a loss at home to the Bees at the Dome.  They did pick up the two points away on the Sunday but all of this means that Andy McKinney promise of four points has been broken.

That said, it appears that Andy was keen to leave an impression on those who cost him his word.  Ouch.

All being well, Ben will either be back or will have been put down by next weekend.

Listen here.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Joke for Andy McKinney

Not many thought that the Phantoms would take two points from Phoenix at the Ice Dome but it came to pass this weekend.

Was it the lack of Steve Fone?  Was it the fact that Peterborough had a day off yesterday whilst Phoenix faced the Bison on the road?  Could it have been the ice or even the curse of the podcast?

Who knows?

What we do know is that Andy McKinney has now promised us four points from next week's Bees double-header.  Let us all drink (responsibly) to that!

Find this week's show right here.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Flames Put Out

Without a doubt, one of the best games of hockey seen at the Ice Dome this season.  It was always going to be a good one but this was great.

I'll not give too much detail here.  Enjoy listening to the team getting all excited!

Bari McKenzie joins us for the first time since he joined the team.  He gives a good interview, we think.  What say you?

Enjoy the Telford roadtrip and we'll be back next week.

Find the show here.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

So Long!

Nigel is standing in for Ben this week as he is still malingering.

Quite the game given to the Phoenix by MK at the Dome this week.  But Phoenix were in no mood to loose points at home after dropping them on the road the night before.

The same night saw the Flames climb clear to the number one spot on the table and the Bison slip to number two after another defeat away to the Steeldogs.

All of that going on and young Mr Long announces his departure.  Off for the job of his dreams, it seems.  Anyone think he might just be seen in an ice rink near you soon?  Time will tell.......

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed next week!  Thanks for sticking with us!

In the meantime, find this week's show here.