Sunday, 30 December 2012

News Report: Sky not falling. Dogs bite back though.

Not the finest away game in history for the Phoenix, it must be said.

A tired-looking team took to the ice against a side who clearly wanted this result a lot.

Nevertheless, there were little flashes of individual expertise but the communication amongst the defence and the pace of the forwards were found lacking when coupled with a less-than-brilliant performance in the net for Foney.

All of that on a night when the Dogs decided to play some hockey and to keep the goonery to a minimum.

Cannot take anything away from the Dogs.  They won fair and square.

The Phoenix will have to move on to the Bees now and at least the Lightning held the Bison to a single point on Saturday.  The Flames edged ever closer to the top spot too this weekend.

It is certainly an unpredictable league.

Also, in this week's show, a surprise appearance from an ex-Phoenix player we found wondering around in Sheffield.

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tigers Tanked

A first for the Phoenix!  Double figures are reached and it is Tony hand himself who buries that 10th goal!

You may think that the curse fo the podcast has struck again when you listen to this week's show.

Anyway, listen to the blow-by-blow and the general nonsense talked by the podcast team right here.

Here's the show.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Ghosts of Christmas Present

What a road trip that was!
Travelling with just 14 players (including the netminders) was always going to be a challenge for a Phoenix side full of ailments.
Nevertheless, the signing of Campbell as injury cover proved to be a shrewd decision by Coach Hand.  Derek was all over the ice tonight and, despite the boos and shouting of, "eeyore" at him, he was like a one man hockey team.
Even without Campbell's efforts, Pheonix put on one hell of a show.  Phantoms gave it their all from the start and the first period looked like a fairly even-matched affair.
The gear changed a little in the second period and Phoenix started to push harder and harder, causing the Phantoms' defence quite a few nightmares.
It was the final period that the heart started pumping for the travelling faithful though.  Twenty minutes of breathtaking work by both teams resulted in a last minute bounce to allow Phantoms to equalise and this led to a near heart-stopping period of overtime had every hockey fan in the building on their feet.
The penalties were exciting too because they were all well-worked and a mistake by the goal judge had some Phantoms fans believing they had a goal where they did not.
An exhausted Phoenix side came off the ice with smiles on their faces from one of the hardest-fought victories of the season

On tonight's show, we join up with some of the Phantoms TV crew and James Neil shouts a Happy Christmas to you all.

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Have a good one!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Derek Demolishes The Dogs - Awkward!

Yeah, so this is a little bit awkward.  Mr Campbell returns to Manchester for a short spell and storms his former teammates from over the hill.

Andre Payette was probably expecting a better performance from Campbell than he had gotten out of him at Sheffield but this was a much better performance than he probably expected.

There's a lot of word-eating going on but the consensus seems to be that the jury is going to be out for a few games yet on the Canadian forward but we are pleased he did the job for us tonight.

So much for the Sneaky Russian Show tonight.  No Zimozdra, sadly :-(  Did we abandon the special intro we did for him?  Nope.  Did we adjourn the vodka drinking?  Nope.  Did Paddy wear a Russian hockey shirt?  Dah!

We apologise in advance for the rowdiness of the podcast team tonight.  Ben was dosed-up on painkillers because of a cold and migraine.  The rest were just, erm, drinking responsibly.

What else happened?  Oh, have a listen and find out.

Also, join the Google+ community called, "UK Ice Hockey" and let's get that built-up.  Phoenix have always been trend-setters when it comes to online services.  Let's get that one going too.

That's it until the 23rd December show from Peterborough.

Here's the show.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Phoenix Ride The Lightning

So very sorry for the delay in getting this week's show up.

As you may know, Podbean have been our hosts for the best part of five years and I have parted with around $600 with them over that time.  Well, it is now time to send them the sort of greeting so often used by Cee Lo Green in that rude song a year or two ago.

As a result, I have had to build a new host location and set up a dedicated server at Podcast Towers to host the show myself.  Hopefully, that'll be the end of that.  Unless I forget to pay our ISP.

Now that is done, let us return to the serious matter of the hockey.

What a game that was on Sunday! If you were not able to be there, you missed out.  You will, by now, have read lots of reviews of the game and you will hear what we had to say about it in the show but perhaps one of the oddest things about the night was that Jorge El-Hage picked up a shutout on his home debut but that was overshadowed to some extent by the departure (and it was emotional) of young Scott McKenzie.  More on that on the show.

Also, lest I forget, Mr Flaten joined me after the game for a chat about his Christmas plans!

Hopefully back with no problems after the next home game!

Here's the show