Sunday, 30 December 2012

News Report: Sky not falling. Dogs bite back though.

Not the finest away game in history for the Phoenix, it must be said.

A tired-looking team took to the ice against a side who clearly wanted this result a lot.

Nevertheless, there were little flashes of individual expertise but the communication amongst the defence and the pace of the forwards were found lacking when coupled with a less-than-brilliant performance in the net for Foney.

All of that on a night when the Dogs decided to play some hockey and to keep the goonery to a minimum.

Cannot take anything away from the Dogs.  They won fair and square.

The Phoenix will have to move on to the Bees now and at least the Lightning held the Bison to a single point on Saturday.  The Flames edged ever closer to the top spot too this weekend.

It is certainly an unpredictable league.

Also, in this week's show, a surprise appearance from an ex-Phoenix player we found wondering around in Sheffield.

Find the show here.

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