Thursday, 20 December 2012

Derek Demolishes The Dogs - Awkward!

Yeah, so this is a little bit awkward.  Mr Campbell returns to Manchester for a short spell and storms his former teammates from over the hill.

Andre Payette was probably expecting a better performance from Campbell than he had gotten out of him at Sheffield but this was a much better performance than he probably expected.

There's a lot of word-eating going on but the consensus seems to be that the jury is going to be out for a few games yet on the Canadian forward but we are pleased he did the job for us tonight.

So much for the Sneaky Russian Show tonight.  No Zimozdra, sadly :-(  Did we abandon the special intro we did for him?  Nope.  Did we adjourn the vodka drinking?  Nope.  Did Paddy wear a Russian hockey shirt?  Dah!

We apologise in advance for the rowdiness of the podcast team tonight.  Ben was dosed-up on painkillers because of a cold and migraine.  The rest were just, erm, drinking responsibly.

What else happened?  Oh, have a listen and find out.

Also, join the Google+ community called, "UK Ice Hockey" and let's get that built-up.  Phoenix have always been trend-setters when it comes to online services.  Let's get that one going too.

That's it until the 23rd December show from Peterborough.

Here's the show.

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