Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cup Special - Part One

As promised in this week's regular episode of the show, this is the look ahead a the Cup tie this week.

Peter Bradbury (Below Average Sports Podcast) is joined by our tame Wildcats, Joe Scutts and Ben Callaghan to pitch punditry and to weigh-up the odds.

Check out this show
right here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Once More Unto The Breach

A three-point weekend for the Phoenix.  You can hear all about it right here.

A road trip with a turnaround that Bracknell did not see coming saw the first two points fall into Tony Hand's pocket.  It was the Phoenix who put the sting in the tail of that game and it was important for points like those not to be missed.

Then, on the Sunday, the Phoenix played host to the Flames and took it to the wire.  A single point was Manchester's but all present were treated to a belting game of hockey and a chest-swelling display of conviction by the boys.

With the Old Windmill in Coventry getting two beers all casked-up for the playoff weekend, you know it's going to be good.  What's more, the team from the best pub in Cov are going to be at the Dome on 1st March 2015 so make sure you make them as welcome as they make you on the jamboree weekend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hooray for Playing Away!

This week the podcast is on the road and hitting a town near you - so long as you live in Basingstoke or Sheffield.  And, really, why would you?

Have a listen to the show right here.

We start our voyage down in Basingstoke on the Saturday as Stuart Kilburn, Emily Mort and Jim Piper witness a barebones Phoenix nearly slicing a point off of the big, old Bison.  Anthony Russell joins them once the victory is in the bag, of course.   ;-)

Then it's a trip through the snow to Poundland (or whatever they insist on calling it) to see the recently neutered puppies.  Ben, Jim, Emily, Chelle and Neil top and tail the game that saw Phoenix take to the ice with a total of 14 players and wrestle two points out of the hands of a Payette-less Steeldogs.

The main thing that has come out of this weekend for the Phoenix is that the Faithful has seen another two excellently cohesive performance from a depleted team who all have each others' backs.

Assuming there are sufficient players left by next weekend, we'll see you at the Dome.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Clearing-up After The Mutts and Moggies

Take a listen, right here.

Two points from three games this week but it wasn't all bad. 
Firstly, we had a blast against the Steelpups when an on form Phoenix side totally dismantled them 8 - 2.  Let your excuses about midweek games and day jobs roll around the hills, Andre.  Fact is, you came up against a side who were ready for the fight that night and Sedlar was not on his game.  A short-handed Phoenix was still able to walk it.

Then, down at the Link, Swindon witnessed a game full of controversy and Joe Graham was the latest Phoenix "Man or Iron" to get bent out of shape (by a nasty boarding from a bad angle).  

On this week's show, away coverage is kindly provided by Joe Scutts and Ben Callaghan.  Give them a listen.  They may sound like they are going to gloat.  And they do.  But not as much as you are expecting.  And they only swear once.

Finally, we move on to the Telford clash at the Ice Dome.  We have not talked about a moral victory in a game since the EIHL days when Steelers (Boooooo!!!) were the opposition.  Well, we had the moral victory tonight.  And we weren't far from the actual victory.  And that was with another man (Psurny) down mid way through the game.  

There should be some hilarious moments in PTV this week as you can relive "that" offside call.  Enjoy that one.  It's hilarious.  And see if you can figure out what words Jim Piper is saying behind that plexi!

The game was a great one and the Phoenix Faithful saw a passionate performance of a rare nature.  PTID, indeed.

This weekend also saw a visit from the lovely Michelle off-of-from The Old Windmill in Coventry!  As a result of that on air chat, we can now confirm that, for the fourth year running, the Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast LIVE will be coming from that glorious drinking establishment.  

Yes, the quiz will be back.
Yes, the podcast gimp will be back.
Yes, there are some Phoenix-related special treats from the Windmill.
No, you will not be able to stay away.
No, the language and general behaviour will not improve.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Bitter End

This week's show is right here.

Another tough weekend for Manchester as the boys faced the rough stuff of Sheffield and felt robbed of one of the points and then clawed their way back from a bad start at the Ice Dome.

It is a tough time to be a Phoenix fan at present.  The faith is still there but all eyes are focused on the playoffs and the Cup at this point.  With that in mind, the silliness can set in.  Thankfully, it already set in on the podcast years ago.

Onwards. Ever onwards.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Stripy Fur, Diamante Collars

The Christmas week double-header is right here.

And a disappointing weekend it was for the Faithful.  So much has been said and written about Silverthorn, the money on the ice etc that adding to it here is a bit redundant.

Fact is, Telford won both legs and did so convincingly.  No doubt the end of the season will see them sitting at number 1, exactly where they are now.

Phoenix had an opportunity to practice for the battle for the number 2 spot and for the Cup and playoffs though.

On the away leg (no audio available, sadly), Jacob Corson-Heron took a puck to the chops and we hope he'll be back with us soon.  It sure looked like it would smart in the morning.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Twas The Match Before Christmas

Listen to the show right here.

So, the last game before everyone goes off and deals with family stuff and tries to survive into 2015.

It was never going to be a smooth one - matches between Phoenix and MK never are - but this game gave us plenty of bumps, bashes and penalties to talk about.  So we did just that.

That's enough nonsense from me anyway.  See you on the other side.

p.s. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Marc Levers who was injured this evening.