Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bad Kitties!

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The opening week of the EPIHL is usually a pretty solid affair for Phoenix.  Usually there are four points in the bag and the usual WOTR loss (the what?) is behind us.

This weekend was a cracking demonstration that this league is getting tougher and that Wildcats will not be anyone's whipping-boy this year.

As benches were cleared and sticks were used as weapons by people who should know better in some of the more southern rinks, Phoenix had two solid games of hockey in Bracknell - where the two points were successfully nabbed - and then at the Ice Dome where those bad kitties managed to hold us to a point.

Nevertheless, the potential in this Phoenix side is clear.  This is the first weekend and people will be wanting results from the very start but mark our words: Phoenix is rising.

On this week's show, we start the season with a post-weekend chat with the Phoenix Captain of some 6 years, Luke Boothroyd.  We talk about the season to come, the opening weekend, the opposition and what he has been up to off the ice.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dogs' Own County - War Of The Roses

The first episode of the series is right here.

Welcome to all of you.  We are pleased to have made it through the hockey-desert that was the summer and to find some excitement on the other side.

Of course, you will have heard that the WOTR was not quite everything we had hoped for (again) this year but it was a chance to see the new boys in action and to see how the bits of Tony Hand's 2014/15 roster fit together.

Of course, the Podcast Team are all back and waiting to ride this rollercoaster with you.  All your favourites (and the odd extra one) are with us and so is Disclaimer Bot.

A big thanks to Peter Bradbury (Below Average Sportcast) and Stuart Kilburn (Openshadow) for the off season content.

Now, let's put this weekend behind us and move on....

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Sister Sledge Show 3

Have a listen right here.

The last episode of the sledge hockey side of things for this season saw the match between the Phoenix and Humberside title-chasers, the Kingston Kestrels, take place (sort of) with a few problems that saw the Kestrels unable to ice a team and so forfeit the game.

Despite that, they made the most of a bad situation and had a friendly which included two Phoenix players joining the opposition and saw a player score for both teams in the game and it not count as an own goal (one for the statisticians out there). 

The crazy scenario saw players move back to the original teams and play out an enthralling game of sledge hockey for the fans that came and you get the pleasure of hearing Peter Bradbury (from the Below Average Sportcast) try to explain with Pete Hagan just 'What the Hell is going on?'  

I hope we made sense of it all and that you enjoy the coverage of the final Phoenix sledge hockey home game of the season, with an exciting idea prior to the upcoming games with the Steeldogs home and away.

Interviews with Phoenix coach Pete Hagan & Graham Wilson (sorry with early part of interview, technical probs) as they give us their take on events and look towards Peterborough. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

To Hell and Back - Sledge Special 2

Listen to this Sledge Special right here.

With the Phoenix playing their second Planet Ice Sledge Hockey game at home this season, we sent once again the Master's Apprentice in Peter Bradbury from the BELOW AVERAGE SPORTSCAST on the case, to see if the Phoenix could get revenge on the Cardiff Devils after they beat the Manchester side 5-2 down in the Valleys last weekend.
The game was brutal, exciting and barn-burning for the spectators and an equally physically and gruelling game for the players.  

Goals, hits, bit of controversy and two well-matched teams giving it as good as they got!
Interviews this week are with Anthony Booth of the Phoenix and MOTM; plus Devil`s Russell Willey to which was his homecoming for him, and Phoenix coach Pete Hagan. Feeding

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Special 2014

We are pleased to present to you an epic 1 hour and 45 minutes (or thereabouts) of the Official Manchester Phoenix Podcast!  Listen right HERE.

The first half of the show is a review of the rosters forming around the league and those big changes going on within the EPIHL's very structure.

Then Stuart Kilburn and Peter Bradbury (regulars on the show) bring you some interviews from the exclusive signings event at the Grosvenor Casino, Stockport.

You might be hearing the signings for the first time on this show so I won't spoil it for you in these show notes!  (TIP: fast forward to the last third for some words of wisdom from the players)

We will probably be back with another summer show at some point soon.  Maybe from a boat.  That's how we roll.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

It's a Sledgisode!

With the EPL boys all playing golf, taunting each other on Twitter and wondering who the new arrival EPL team might be, we thought it might be an idea to take a look at one of the other Manchester Phoenix teams in the MPIHC.

This time around, it's the turn of those crazy fools and their sledges.  And this is brutal stuff.  Just take a listen right here.

As Ben was braving the North East (and getting too close to Andre Payette's summer haunt with his Steelpups), the fearless Peter Bradbury from off of our show and from his own Below Average Sportscast, took to Alty to catch up with Pete Hagan, Karl Nicholson (awesome Team GB guy!) and Peterborough's Matthew Coleman.

We'd also like to thank Graham Wilson for making this happen.

So, stick in your earbuds and take a listen to the latest action from Altrincham.

And stay tuned for some more sneaky little episodes over the summer - you'll only know about them if you get subscribed.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Series 6 Extra Bits

The season is over and we've all caught our breath.  Bison fans are still grinning, no doubt.  Manchester awaits news of who is coming back and who is going where.

After the game on the Sunday of the playoff weekend, we had a little chat with some of our show's contributors and with some of out players.  Have a listen right here.

Other than the results of the games, the single biggest topic of press releases and club write-ups of the weekend was the Phoenix Faithful's reaction to the loss: We are proud of you!

Well, as much as we are all proud of the way the boys comported themselves, the Club can be utterly proud of how its fans paid tribute to the efforts of everyone on the ice.

Like I say in the show, there will probably be one or two extra shows during the summer, just to touch base.  Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for details.  We may even break one of the signings this summer......  maybe...

All that remains for now is for me to thank you for listening for another series and to thank everyone who has been on the show or helped us out and to thank The Old Windmill for another year's hospitality.